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How Factor 75 Won More Customers and Saved 5 Weeks of Support Time

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About Factor 75

Factor 75 is a fast-growing meal subscription company. They’re eating competitors for lunch by focusing on specialized diets, like keto, paleo and low-calorie prepared meals.

Factor's deliveries never stop, and customer service staff have to be on hand to help. They receive basic meal questions over email, web chat, and social media channels every day.

Factor Was Working to Support Existing Customers...

Factor is growing their business in a sustainable way. As a small company, Factor can't easily scale to meet the precise amount of support capacity needed each day.

On some days, even sorting basic nutrition questions from complex quality control issues can be a hassle. That stopped Factor from guaranteeing personal attention to questions during after hours or peak times.

...and Factor Wanted to Improve Their Marketing Experience  

What's more, new and existing customers love to comment on Factor's many Facebook and Instagram ads. And "many of the comments are pre-sale questions and excellent conversion opportunities,” says Factor's CX Lead, Katherine Dobbs. After all, few things create more brand sentiment and discussion than food.

Factor's expensive ad campaigns already pay off, but these ad comments can determine whether a user decides to sign up for Factor. Users will look at Factor's response time, and they'll take the quality and sentiment of other user comments into account. If Factor isn’t able to keep comments clean, the conversation can quickly turn negative and ruin a sale.

“Factor is growing quickly outside of business hours", according to Katherine. Since Facebook doesn’t have a quality solution for managing a high volume of ad replies, Factor’s ads were turning ugly when Factor was out of the office.

Factor needed a solution to field tons of similar queries at a low cost while maintaining customer loyalty.

Chatdesk Teams Solved Factor's CX Challenges

Factor didn't want to add another expensive in-house support agent to tag incoming tickets and field Facebook comments. Instead, Factor reached out for a trial of Chatdesk Teams.

Teams is a convenient solution that helps companies rapidly engage with customers. With Chatdesk Teams, you'll add Expert customer support agents that are already fans of your brand.

These frontline Experts sort tickets for Factor. They also answer what they can, and escalate the tickets that Factor's crew needs to handle.

Mark was the first Expert that Chatdesk recruited for Factor. In Mark’s words, he’s “big into meal-prep, and already used Factor 75 for their healthy vegetarian options."

Expert answers are powered by machine learning so that they're on-brand by day one. Over time, Chatdesk Teams identifies new meals and adjusts responses to match.

Soon Factor brought another 5 Experts on board at the click of a button. Chatdesk took care of scheduling and training.

“With Chatdesk Teams, we've been able to ensure that comments are addressed quickly.”

-Katherine Dobbs
Customer Experience Lead

Factor's Success After Using Chatdesk Teams

With Teams, Factor reduced the strain on their hardworking customer experience team.

In fact, Factor found that their after-hours response time was reduced by 90%.

Factor's customer support team also began to drive revenue. After connecting Chatdesk Teams to Facebook and Instagram Ads, Factor's existing support team became a huge sales asset.

Factor's marketing campaigns aren't paying for Teams when they're not running. Thanks to Teams’ flexible pricing, Factor is able to pause and unpause any of their Chatdesk Experts at will.

Best of all, Factor saved about 15 hours saved per month not fielding basic support tickets.

Now, Factor is able to sell their cake and eat it too. Their support is affordably managed at scale, 24/7, with Chatdesk Teams.

See how

Factor 75

uses Chatdesk

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