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How a Leading Beauty Company Scaled Their Customer Support by Shifting Calls to Their Mobile App

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About MiniLuxe

MiniLuxe is a national beauty chain that’s turning heads in the nail care industry. They have retail salons across the US, while supporting a growing e-commerce business that offers nail polish and treatments direct to consumers.


The MiniLuxe Concierge Line handles appointments for all of their locations via a central call center. Call volume has been steadily increasing as MiniLuxe opens new retail locations and grows their e-commerce transactions.

MiniLuxe was looking for solutions to cost-efficiently manage their growing customer support volume while maintaining high customer satisfaction.

To that end, the MiniLuxe launched a well-reviewed mobile app on both Apple and Google marketplaces with the help of Zenoti, a specialist in bespoke scheduling and booking software.

MiniLuxe's app lets customers to make and alter appointments, and browse availability. It’s a great tool that has the added benefit of reducing load on their customer support team. But getting users to download the app was a major hurdle.


The MiniLuxe team had a great idea - get customers who call to use the app instead! How could MiniLuxe get more clients to experience the app?

Enter Chatdesk Shift. Today, when customers call MiniLuxe, their voice greeting gives callers the option to download the app. By pressing 1 button, callers can instantly receive a text message with an install link.

Chatdesk Shift helps us reduce our call volume and increase the usage of our mobile app by shifting calls over to the app. We were able to get up and running very quickly.

- Krista Smith
Concierge Center Manager


MiniLuxe was able to go live with Chatdesk Shift in days. No development or technical work was required - just a few settings changes. Chatdesk Shift works flawlessly with MiniLuxe's existing phone system.

See how

Mini Luxe

uses Chatdesk

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