Call Deflection

An easy way to deflect calls and delight your customers

Chatdesk dramatically reduces your inbound call volume, quickly shifting callers to chat and self-service resolutions.
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10%+ reduction in call volume
80% lower cost per call
90%+ CSAT

Deflecting millions of calls for hundreds of leading brands

Felix Gray Chatdesk customer
"Our highest customer satisfaction scores come from text and Facebook Messenger. Chatdesk helps us provide a seamless shift from phone calls to those channels"
Hernan Giraldo
VP of Customer Experience Ops
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The smartest, fastest way to turn callers into satisfied customers.

Shift inbound calls into chats

Web Chat With Live Agents
SMS Text Messaging
Facebook Messenger
Apple Business Chat
In-app Chat

Deliver self-service and automated support

Chatbot Virtual Assistant
FAQs or Knowledge Base
Order Status
Returns / Warranty
Mobile App
Visual Interactive Voice Response (Visual IVR)

Reduce voice support costs by 80%

Average costs per voice call are $3- $5. Chatdesk’s deflection tools shift callers to web chat, where average resolutions are just $1
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A little less conversation, a lot more satisfaction.

Reduction in calls
Customer satisfaction for text based and self-service support
Savings for every call deflected

Deflect calls to Facebook Messenger for free - Learn More
All other plans starting at $99 a month.

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How it works


Launch in 1 day

Chatdesk instantly syncs with your existing phone numbers, IVR systems, support tools and messaging channels. All with zero dev work or set up time.

Answer your customers faster

Empower your team and answer customer requests faster with chat, Facebook Messenger, chatbots, self-service options, knowledge management tools, and visual IVR solutions.

Instantly see results

Our dashboard provides real time tracking of deflected inbound calls and message volume.
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Supercharge your existing apps
with a single click.

An official partner to the best in the business. Chatdesk integrates seamlessly with all your existing platforms like Zendesk, Gorgias, Intercom and more. No dev time needed.
"We were able to get up and running very quickly without any development, just minor settings changes"
Krista Smith
Concierge Center Manager
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The Chatdesk shift solution has been instrumental in scaling our customer support systems and providing positive customer experiences! The shift solution helps drive our phone call volume to live chat, SMS, and facebook messenger which allows our customer support team to operate more efficiently and effectively throughout the work day
Bobby Shomrony
Director of Customer Experience
Felix Gray
We saw an opportunity to move more customer engagements from phone calls to chats. It was a way to highlight the option for customers that weren't aware that we offered chat service as well. Chatdesk helped us leverage our chat capabilities. It's also been a big help since our call center has been impacted by COVID
Pete Franco
Vice President of E-Commerce
Living Spaces
Chatdesk Shift gave us the ability to shift mobile callers to chat. This significantly reduces wait time for our customers and has been a great customer experience!
Susan Campbell
Director of Customer Experience
Vera Bradley

See the difference for yourself.

We’ll show you how Chatdesk can dramatically decrease your calls and increase customer satisfaction.

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