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Chatdesk integrates seamlessly with all your existing platforms like Zendesk, Gorgias, Intercom and more. No dev time needed.
Increase in conversions from fast and personalized responses to pre-sale questions
24 / 7
Coverage across every channel
Savings per ticket
Pricing starts as low as $99/month
Our CX team at Thinx has significantly benefited from onboarding Chatdesk last year. At first, we used the Shift tool to automate some of our common phone requests like returns and forward calls to chat. We then most recently onboarded Chatdesk Teams and Trends for social support. With Chatdesk answering DMs, mentions, and posts, we have finally offered our customers 24-7 support and help on our social channels and allowed us to maintain our brand voice. With trends, we have also been able to quantify the types of conversations across our social media channels. The Chatdesk team is also genuinely great! Our business partner is on top of all our requests and handles our concerns and questions with extreme care and attention. The team, in general, is incredibly efficient and responsive to any issues or questions we flag. I really could not imagine a better team to support us!
Alice Warren
Senior Director of CX
Chatdesk Trends makes our reporting much faster and easier. The Chatdesk team was also very helpful in customizing the dashboard to meet the unique needs of our business
Erin Garrity
Director of Customer Service
Chatdesk is a great tool for getting insights from our email, chat and social channels. We're able to add custom tags to our dashboard around our new campaigns to keep a close pulse on customer reactions. It's been super helpful for monitoring sentiment and keeping a close eye on customer reception and response.
Marie Estep
Senior Manager

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