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Solve all Support Tickets

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$99 per month

Increase conversion by 15%, reduce costs by up to 80%+ and solve your ticket backlog


Reduce Call Volume

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$99 per month

Deflect 10% of calls to messaging and self service with 90%+ customer satisfaction


Save Time on Reporting

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Save 1,000+ hours annually with automatic analysis of customer feedback

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Chatdesk Teams

Solve your ticket backlog
Moderate social comments
Increase conversion by 15%+

Growth - Starting at

$99 per month

For growing companies who need extra coverage for after hours
Free Trial
40 solved tickets per month included
Launch in days. No dev work or training needed
Free prioritization of your customer messages

Advanced - Starting at

$900 per month

For companies who need to solve their ticket backlog and drive conversions
Free Trial
400 solved tickets per month included
Advanced ticket types e.g. returns, order status, cancellations, etc
Track revenue, CSAT / NPS from your Chatdesk Team

Dedicated - Starting at

$2,900 per month

For companies tha need agents that are dedicated to their support team
Free Trial
2 or more dedicated full time agents
24/7 coverage across email and social media
Additional on-demand support for messages during peak times

Chatdesk Shift

Reduce calls by 10%+
Achieve 90%+ CSAT
Reduce costs by up to 80%

$99 per month

For fast growing companies who need to reduce their call volume
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Growth - Starting at

400 calls shifted per month included
Launch in days. No dev work needed. Free setup
Free dashboard for tracking call reduction

Advanced - Starting at

$900 per month

For companies with a high volume of calls who want to drive self service
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4,000 calls shifted per month included
Free SMS Text Messaging
Advanced reporting e.g. call back rate analysis


Contact sales

For large companies with complex phone systems
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Custom volume
Custom integration
Custom reporting
Chatdesk Trends makes our reporting much faster and easier. The Chatdesk team was also very helpful in customizing the dashboard to meet the unique needs of our business
Erin Garrity
Director of Customer Service
Factor is growing very quickly, which has meant an increase in the number of questions and comments we receive on Facebook and Instagram outside of business hours. Many of the comments are pre-sale questions and excellent conversion opportunities. With Chatdesk, we've been able to ensure that these comments are addressed quickly and the prospects and customers receive the answers they need.
Katherine Dobbs
Customer Experience Lead
It’s really difficult to respond quickly 24/7 but so important for helping women convert on sales. It was amazing that we were able to engage our Chatdesk Experts so quickly! Within hours, our Experts were responding to messages and making Andie women happy!
Rachel Thaw
Operations Manager
Andie Swim

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