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Use Automatic Tagging to quickly analyze customer feedback and identify opportunities for your business
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No more manual tagging and reporting.
Get all your customer feedback in one place.

Chatdesk Trends delivers Automatic Tagging of customer feedback across email, chat, social, reviews, surveys (e.g. product feedback, sentiment) by using machine learning

Impact for our customers

Increase in conversion from website changes
Reduction in customer contacts
Hours saved per year from previous manual tagging & reporting

Launch in minutes

Launch in minutes. No dev work or pre-work needed.

Accurate & granular

90%+ average tagging accuracy across 70+ tags

Custom tags and filters that are specific to your business (e.g. product defects)

Easy analysis

Filter feedback by date, channel, product, sentiment.

Search across all your messages and tickets.

Export data to CSV or your data warehouse.



For teams with basic reporting needs
Up to 2,000 monthly tickets
Unlimited channels
Unlimited Trends dashboard users


$450 / month

For fast growing companies who need customized reporting
Up to 10,000 monthly tickets
Custom tags and dashboard filters


Contact sales

For large companies with a high volume of tickets
10,000+ monthly tickets
Export to data warehouse (e.g. Looker)
API access

Chatdesk works with all your existing systems...

Built-in integration with 50+ apps
Our highest Customer Satisfaction scores come from Text and Facebook Messenger. Chatdesk Shift gives us the opportunity to provide a seamless shift from phone to the those channels. Through Chatdesk, we are improving our experience, and saving on operational costs.
Hernan Giraldo
VP of Customer Experience Ops
Factor is growing very quickly, which has meant an increase in the number of questions and comments we receive on Facebook and Instagram outside of business hours. Many of the comments are pre-sale questions and excellent conversion opportunities. With Chatdesk, we've been able to ensure that these comments are addressed quickly and the prospects and customers receive the answers they need.
Katherine Dobbs
Customer Experience Lead
It’s really difficult to respond quickly 24/7 but so important for helping women convert on sales. It was amazing that we were able to engage our Chatdesk Experts so quickly! Within hours, our Experts were responding to messages and making Andie women happy!
Rachel Thaw
Operations Manager
Andie Swim

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