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"With Chatdesk, we have been able to quantify the types of conversations across our social media channels. The Chatdesk team is also genuinely great! Our business partner is on top of all our requests and handles our questions with extreme care and attention."
Alice Warren
Senior Director of CX
How it works
All your feedback, from every channel - all in one place.
Cobbling together fragmented feedback from email, chat, social, surveys, reviews and more is a time-intensive and imperfect process. With Chatdesk, all your feedback will be automatically aggregated into one place, making it easy to spot trends and find new opportunities for growth.
The most accurate tagging - done automatically.
Stop tagging manually and allow us to do it for you. Chatdesk has 90%+ average tagging accuracy across 70+ tags including your own custom tags and filters. #easy.
Find exactly what you need and export it in a flash
Looking for something specific? Chatdesk provides natural language search across every message. Or if you just want the gist, our machine learning tools (powered by GPT-3) generate automatic feedback summaries for easy skimming. And it all seamlessly exports to CSV or your data warehouse.
Say goodbye to manual tagging and reporting.
And hello to instant insights

Analyze every channel

Social media messages and ad comments
NPS / CSAT Surveys
Amazon, App Store, and product reviews
Filter feedback by date, channel, product, sentiment and custom tags

Understand your customer

Top reasons for contact
Product defects
Shipping issues
Returns and cancellations
Website and app bugs
Top promoters and detractors
Benchmarking trends over time

Optimize your experience

Reduce contact volume
Improve self service
Optimize product merchandising
Increase website conversion and repeat sales

Giving our clients better insights and bigger results

Hours saved per year from previous manual tagging & reporting
Increase in conversion from website changes

Launch in minutes

Launch on your help desk, social media, reviews or CSAT / NPS surveys in a few clicks - no dev work needed.
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Supercharge your existing apps
with a single click.

An official partner to the best in the business. Chatdesk integrates seamlessly with all your existing platforms like Zendesk, Gorgias, Intercom and more. No dev time needed.
The most comprehensive customer insights
- delivered automatically
Analyze sentiment from every customer message in one place
Zero effort or manual tagging
Works across all channels and 60+ languages
Get real time reports, automatically

Manual tagging & reporting

Incomplete, fragmented insights from social, reviews, and surveys
Time consuming, tedious work
Inconsistent tagging across agents
Labor intensive, monthly reports

Secure, private, and always compliant

SOC 2 Compliant
Our SOC 2 compliant software means everything we do meets – and exceeds industry security standards.
Automatic Redaction
With Google DLP all customer information is instantly redacted, so everyone stays safe and secure - automatically.
"Chatdesk is a great tool for getting insights from our email, chat and social channels. We're able to add custom tags to our dashboard around our new campaigns to keep a close pulse on customer reactions. It's been super helpful for monitoring sentiment."
Marie Estep
Head of CX, BarkEats

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