Achieve up to 400% ROI with 1:1 outreach

Grow your revenue with personalized, proactive outreach on social, email, and SMS.

Chatdesk uses AI to find relevant opportunities to engage consumers on social media and generate a response, which is reviewed by a local CX expert

How leading e-commerce brands unlock revenue

Combat declining ROAS

Social advertising isn’t providing the return it used to. Instead, build brand awareness organically. Join conversations with comments and replies on platforms perfect for you.

Personalize without limits

Most brands struggle to personalize at scale. Maximize engagement and conversions with 1:1 messages on social, email, or SMS — with zero additional effort on your part.

Increase customer LTV

Counter rising acquisition costs by protecting your most valuable asset: your existing customers. Increase loyalty and drive repeat orders with personalized messages.


Make social commerce work harder — with less work.

Boost brand awareness

Backed by AI, Superfans get your brand in front of more buyers and followers with 1:1 comments, replies, and DMs.

Go beyond your properties

Engage with comments about your product or brand on creators’ content — even if you’re not directly mentioned.

Drive social conversions

More engagement = more clicks. Messages and replies from your brand create a clear path to shop your site.


response rate

0% +

lift in social conversions


ROI on winback campaigns

Connect your social and support channels

Turn tickets and comments into conversions.

Want to lower response times, boost CSAT scores, and improve conversion and retention rates? Let’s do it.

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