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"Chatdesk has been a great partner for us. They’ve proven to help increase our organic revenue by driving conversion on pre-sales, and we are able to provide a best in class service across our channels"
Chandra Cooks
Marketing Director
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"The Chatdesk team is an absolute dream to work with! They were quick to learn our processes and protocols and made an impact with our support tickets on day one. Chatdesk is a lifeline for high volume times like holidays and sale periods. Highly recommend!..."

Corey Brown
Customer Experience Manager, ZitSticka
"Chatdesk helps us reduce our call volume and increase the usage of our mobile app by shifting calls over to the app. We were able to get up and running very quickly."

Krista Smith
Concierge Center Manager, MiniLuxe
"Chatdesk makes our reporting much faster and easier. The Chatdesk team was also very helpful in customizing the dashboard to meet the unique needs of our business"

Erin Garrity
Director of Customer Service, Prose Hair
Clothing and Fashion
“Chatdesk is the perfect solution for any company looking to scale their customer support service while preserving the gold standard of customer satisfaction...Thank you Chatdesk for being an essential part of our brand.”

Chayim Cohen
Product Manager, Under 5'10
"Chatdesk has been so helpful with our customer service - our response times are significantly lower. The agents are available 24/7 including weekends, which is extremely helpful to us, but also great for the customers. Highly recommend them!"

Regina Oh
E-Commerce Associate, WeWoreWhat
"Chatdesk gave us the ability to shift mobile callers to chat. This significantly reduces wait time for our customers and has been a great customer experience!"

Susan Campbell
Director of Customer Experience, Vera Bradley
Food, Beverage, and Fitness
“Factor is growing very quickly, which has meant an increase in the number of questions and comments we receive on Facebook and Instagram outside of business hours. Many of the comments are pre-sale questions and excellent conversion opportunities. With Chatdesk, we've been able to ensure that these comments are addressed quickly and the prospects and customers receive the answers they need.”
Katherine Dobbs
Customer Experience Lead
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"Chatdesk provides a consistent presence on our customer service tickets, which helps us keep ticket numbers manageable so that our internal team can focus more on the complex cases and spend time forward thinking. Chatdesk has mastered brand voice in the places we need it most"

Sabina Ahmad
Chief Operating Officer, FitFighter
"Chatdesk Automatic Customer Insights is such an easy way to categorize, display, and report our Voice of the Customer. Not only is this great for Customer support but for Marketing as well. Definitely will help you find the greatest areas for driving business impact. Extremely easy set up."

Chris Beach
Customer Support Director, Just Thrive
"We want to be able to engage with customers even when they're on the go. Chatdesk Call Deflection has given us the ability keep the conversation going and engage with our customers wherever they are"

Bridgette Clare
Manager, Education + Engagement, Vega
Personal care
"Our CX team at Thinx has significantly benefited from onboarding Chatdesk. With Chatdesk answering DMs, mentions, and posts, we have finally offered our customers 24-7 support and help on our social channels and allowed us to maintain our brand voice. I really could not imagine a better team to support us!"
Alice Warren
Director of Customer Experience
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"Chatdesk helps us respond faster to order status, cancellations and refunds during our peak times"

Nick DeRegis
Team Development, Snow Teeth Whitening
"We're VERY brand-conscious and customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so deciding to get external help wasn't an easy decision, but Chatdesk has made it possible to scale. They work seamlessly with our internal team to cover off-hours tickets and social comments/messages.
Danielle Vincent
CEO, Outlaw Soaps
"Chatdesk provides support to our customers during after hours and weekends. We've been really impressed at the quality of their work and how they match our brand voice perfectly."

Shazi Lyle
Senior Customer Experience Manager, Unbound
“Chatdesk helps us achieve 90+ NPS and has significantly reduced our customer support costs.”
Kevin Nester
Director of Customer Experience
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"Our highest customer satisfaction scores come from text and Facebook Messenger. Chatdesk helps us provide a seamless shift from phone calls to those channels"
Hernan Giraldo
VP of Customer Experience Ops
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"Amazing customer service is a pillar of our brand and Chatdesk enabled us to quickly provide tailored responses and maintain our unique voice."
Sophie Bakalar
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