Respond faster to your customers on Facebook, Instagram, Chat and Emailduring after hours

Solve your ticket backlog
Moderate your comments on Facebook and Instagram
Drive conversion on your Social Ads, Chat and Email

Launch in minutes with no dev work or training ramp up

Trusted by hundreds of amazing brands

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“It’s really difficult to respond quickly 24/7 but so important for helping women convert on sales. It was amazing that we were able to engage our Chatdesk Experts so quickly! Within hours, our Experts were responding to messages and making Andie women happy!”
Rachel Thaw
Operations Manager

Scale efficiently and turn service into sales


Your Superfans are existing customers and fans of your brand
Personalized responses that perfectly match your brand voice from day one
Chatdesk handles all hiring, training and scheduling of your Superfans

Innovative technology

Tickets get solved and prioritized by Chatdesk to free up your team
Learns from your previous responses using Machine Learning
Free dashboard for tracking revenue, CSAT, NPS and insights from customer feedback
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Impact for our customers

NPS for your Chatdesk team
Increase in conversion on Facebook & Instagram Ads
Saved per ticket handled by your Chatdesk team

Chatdesk solves

Pre-sale FAQs
Product questions and availability
Engagement on Facebook, Instagram & Social Ads
Driving conversions
Protecting brand reputation by moderating spam & negative comments
Order status
Promo codes
Defects / damages
Address / order changes
Login issues and technical troubleshooting
After hours coverage
Faster response times
Ticket prioritization and tagging
Hiring, training & scheduling superfans of your brand
Ensuring consistent brand voice across your channels
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How it works


Connect your channels

  • Only 1 click to setup. No dev work or pre work needed
  • Our platform learns from your historical tickets by using machine learning
  • Easily customize the types of tickets you want your Chatdesk Team to work on (e.g. FAQs, pre-sale questions, order status, returns / exchanges)

Handpick your team

  • Select your team members from local Chatdesk Experts, who are Superfans of your brand. Many Experts are your existing customers and they're excited to help others.
  • From day one, Chatdesk Experts perfectly match your brand voice. Our software helps them use your exact style and tone.
  • Chatdesk handles the hiring, training and scheduling of your Experts so you get 24 / 7 coverage

Get fast and personalized responses

  • Customer messages get routed to your Chatdesk team to solve. Responses are personalized for each customer.
  • All messages and responses flow through your existing help desk
  • Track escalated tickets in Slack or directly in your help desk

Free dashboard included

  • Track CSAT / NPS and Revenue generated by your Chatdesk team in real time
  • Customer feedback is automatically tagged and categorized using machine learning
  • Save time on reporting with real time insights for driving website conversion, product defects, etc
Chatdesk pays for itself
"Chatdesk has been a great partner for us. They’ve proven to help increase our organic revenue MoM by driving conversion on pre-sales, and we are able to provide a best in class service across our channels"
- Chandra Cooks, Marketing Director, Mented Cosmetics
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How Chatdesk perfectly matches your brand voice
Amazing customer service is a pillar of our brand and they’ve enabled us to provide tailored responses extremely quickly with enough flexibility to maintain our unique voice
- Sophie Bakalar
Co-Founder of Fable Pets
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How we find local Superfans of your brand
Chatdesk provides you with people that know and love your brand to help you better serve your customers. Here’s a closer look at who makes up our team of Experts, how we find our people, how we match them with the right company...
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Why Chatdesk is better

Your Chatdesk Experts

Personalized responses from superfans of your brand
Experts can start responding to customers in 1 day. No pre-work needed
Make changes at any time. Handpick your team, set their schedule and the types of tickets you want them to work on. You have full control
Pay per ticket solved. No upfront costs


Robotic, impersonal responses to customers
You have to setup scripts, flows, FAQ responses and keep them up to date
When your business changes, you have to update all of your content and retrain the bot and you may need help from a developer to make changes
Monthly fees or upfront costs for engineering work


Inconsistent quality
Months of training needed for each new support agent
Rigid schedules with weeks of advance planning needed
Hourly or monthly agent rates and upfront costs
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2 week free trial. No credit card needed

Industry Standard Security and Privacy

SOC 2 Compliant

Chatdesk uses industry standard security practices

Automatic Redaction

All customer info is automatically redacted using Google DLP

Partner Integrations

Chatdesk is an official partner of Shopify, Gorgias, Zendesk, Kustomer, Intercom, Freshdesk, Front, Delighted and more
It’s really difficult to respond quickly 24/7 but so important for helping women convert on sales. It was amazing that we were able to engage our Chatdesk Experts so quickly! Within hours, our Experts were responding to messages and making Andie women happy!
Rachel Thaw
Operations Manager
Andie Swim
Factor is growing very quickly, which has meant an increase in the number of questions and comments we receive on Facebook and Instagram outside of business hours. Many of the comments are pre-sale questions and excellent conversion opportunities. With Chatdesk, we've been able to ensure that these comments are addressed quickly and the prospects and customers receive the answers they need.
Katherine Dobbs
Customer Experience Lead
Our Chatdesk Experts help us manage the common and repetitive inquiries from customers, which frees up our team up to focus on more complex issues
Jessica Herman
Director of Customer Experience

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