Customers are sending billions of messages to companies.
Millions of companies need more customer support.
And millions of people need flexible jobs.

Let's solve that.

Meet Chatdesk, machine-learning powered solutions that supercharge customer support and helps everyone succeed.

Customer expectations around great service keep getting higher and higher. Every day it feels like there are more customers, channels, and questions to answer.

At the same time, many people have been left behind by traditional employment options. Whether they are stay at home parents, a military spouse, or can only work for a few hours a day - finding a steady, yet flexible source of income presents a major challenge.

Inspired by their combined experience in tech and customer service, founders Andrew and Aneto saw a way to bridge that gap. At Chatdesk, we work to create empowering job opportunities while leveraging machine learning to enable brands to deliver best-in-class support.

The world’s smartest brands supercharge their support with Chatdesk.

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"It was difficult for our team to respond 24/7 on social media but so important for sales. Within hours, Chatdesk was responding to messages and making Andie women happy!"
Rachel Thaw
Operations Manager

Meet high consumer expectations with higher efficiency.

Today’s consumers demand the highest levels of service from every single company they interact with. While it’s difficult for even large companies to manage the demand, it puts an outsized amount of pressure on companies with smaller teams and budgets.

By combining machine learning with real human support, Chatdesk helps companies big and small not only find greater efficiencies, but also drive more revenue while providing the highest level of customer service possible.

The Chatdesk Vision of Creating New Jobs
Shopify Case Study

"This has potential to create millions of jobs around the world"
Andrew & Aneto
Chatdesk, Co-Founders
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Founders Andrew and Aneto set out to build a company that would provide better opportunities for anyone who needs a job. With their combined experience at Google developing Google Assistant, and at McKinsey & Company improving the customer experience and call centers of multinational corporations, they knew a smarter customer service platform would do the job. In 2016, they founded Chatdesk and the rest is history.

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