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"Chatdesk transformed how we approach our peak seasons. Handling thousands of customer interactions 24/7 in multiple languages, Chatdesk makes our busiest times feel like business as usual — only better."
Kaelyn Giesbrecht
Manager, Customer Service
Support tickets solved
Ticket-to-sale conversion
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"With Chatdesk answering DMs, mentions, and posts, we have finally offered our customers 24-7 support and help on our social channels and allowed us to maintain our brand voice. The Chatdesk team is also genuinely great! I really could not imagine a better team to support us!"
Alice Warren
Vice President of Consumer Intelligence
Tickets resolved
Responses in less than 90 minutes
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“Great and Timely Response from CS Team. Will recommend Darn Tough to all my Friends. Thank You.”

“Extremely fast response - on the weekend! Great resolution. Fantastic customer service. Thank you.”

“Slick and easy. Thank you so much for helping with the problem. Love your socks and service.”
Customer Feedback
Customers of Darn Tough Vermont
Customer satisfaction
< 1 hour
Average first response time
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“Chatdesk is the perfect solution for any company looking to scale their customer support service while preserving the gold standard of customer satisfaction.”

Chayim Cohen
Product Manager, Under 5'10
"Chatdesk has been so helpful with our customer service - our response times are significantly lower. The agents are available 24/7, which is extremely helpful to us and our customers. Highly recommend!"

Regina Oh
E-Commerce Associate, WeWoreWhat
"Chatdesk gave us the ability to shift mobile callers to chat. This significantly reduces wait time for our customers and has been a great customer experience!"

Susan Campbell
Director of Customer Experience, Vera Bradley

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