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CX Tools to Turn the Holiday Rush into Revenue

May 5, 2022
To manage their customer interactions, brands are investing in customer experience technology.

Brands need to prepare for a hectic holiday season. 

This year, the supply chain crisis means products will be slower to hit the shelves and reach customer homes, which will create an urgent need for better communication tools for e-commerce brands.

To manage their customer interactions, brands are investing in real-time technology. Utilizing technology that allows brands to analyze customer feedback and customer data provides them with the necessary information to make meaningful touchpoints and build a solid CX strategy. With advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, there are countless tech offerings. However, it's challenging to navigate which solutions will make the most significant impact on ROI.


Tech trend #1: Embrace digital experiences for customer support in the cloud 

Tech trend #2: Empower customers to serve themselves

Tech trend #3: Invest in analytics

Trend #4: Try flexible customer service teams 


Delivering a personalized customer experience has become essential, especially in the current state of the digital shopping experience. CX technology empowers brands to meet customers where they are and deliver an experience that encourages brand loyalty and drives ROI. Schedule a demo here to learn more about how Chatdesk Teams can help you drive sales this holiday season!

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