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6 Ways For Wedding Brands To Stand Out on Tiktok

Michael Waters
July 27, 2022
Learn how your brand can stand out on TikTok to appeal to the next generation of wedding service consumers.

Lots of couples turn to social media when doing their wedding planning. Whether it's for a destination wedding, a micro wedding, or an intimate wedding event, it is now a great source for top wedding ideas. 

According to one study, 80% of couples reported that they were following their wedding vendors on social media, and 33% said that they watched "online videos" for inspiration on:

Brands in the Wedding Industry Should Invest in TikTok

Many brands already know to be on Pinterest and Instagram, which lend themselves well to visual inspiration, but they should also be investing in TikTok.

TikTok's 1B+ active users skew young, and they are the next generation of wedding service consumers in many ways. Millennials—the primary generation getting married right now—are among the fastest-growing demographic groups on TikTok.

Content on new wedding trends is widespread on the app. The hashtag #WeddingTikTok has over 10.7 billion views, and wedding-oriented TikTok videos have at times inspired their trends. But so far, few wedding brands have taken advantage of TikTok. 

How Wedding Brands Can Utilize TikTok

Here are some ideas for how brands can get started: 

1. Post Wedding Inspiration Content

Accounts highlighting clips from other people's wedding days have gained significant traction on TikTok. They give viewers a sense of what's possible and what they should be buying as they plan their special day.

They can also offer wedding planners ideas that revolve around:

Wedding Wire, for instance, has accrued nearly half a million followers on TikTok by reposting clips from wedding parties or unique bridal "first look" scenes.

2. Suggest Ways to Buck Tradition

Some of the most viral content on TikTok features brides and grooms rethinking traditional wedding tropes.

One post, for instance, talks about a better version of the traditional wedding flower bouquet toss that celebrates couples who have been together the longest. Another suggests shouting out the person—or app—that brought together the couple.

Similar posts proliferate under the hashtag #NontraditionalWedding, which has around 50 million views. People on TikTok are eager for ideas on making an old institution like a wedding ceremony feel contemporary and unique.

A Free Guide on How to Launch Ads on TikTok

3. Participate in Relevant Challenges

Wedding-related trends crop up on TikTok at a frequent pace.

In March of last year, 2021, one popular TikTok challenge involved people making their own (humorous) "wedding rules" for when they tie the knot—including one user's insistence that "everyone must recite one Nicki Minaj verse" at their wedding.

It's easy to imagine a wedding brand gaining traction on the app by participating in this trend.

4. Show Off Your Outfits

One of the more popular brands on Wedding TikTok is the Minnesota-based wedding dress boutique Luxe Bridal, which focuses on plus-size dresses.

Though it is a small company, it has built an audience of 107k followers by having employees pose in new outfits as they arrive.

What makes it stand out is that many of its posts focus on unconventional wedding dresses—instead of the traditional ivory color palettes, Luxe Bridal has shown off dresses in black or in patterns

5. Make Your TikTok Shoppable

The direct-to-consumer wedding bands company Manly Bands focused on wedding rings for men, is one of the first companies to add a Shop section to its TikTok profile through integration with Shopify.

People who visit Manly Bands' profile on TikTok only need to click the shopping bag button, and they'll get access to a full catalog complete with price, product image, and availability.

Manly Bands said the cost of advertising on TikTok is about half of the cost on Facebook, and the shopping integration helps them better convert those views into sales.

6. Prepare With Customer Service Teams

Customers will have questions, especially for high-price purchases, like the ones most often made for big days like weddings. It can range from inquiries about wedding cakes wedding venues to wedding menus.

Chatdesk Teams provides knowledgeable customer support teams who respond to customers in the TikTok comments, ensuring that curious viewers can convert into paying customers. Schedule a demo here to see it in action.

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