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6 Shipment Delay Apology Letters Due to Weather

Alice Wong
February 1, 2023
Get 6 shipment delay apology letter templates when the weather isn't cooperating.

With drastic climate changes in the past few years, we're seeing more shipment delays due to severe weather. Unfortunately for businesses, weather is not something you can really control, but proactive, transparent communications with customers is. Here are 6 shipment delay e-mail templates you can customize.

3 E-mail Subject Line Options

1. Severe Weather Causing Shipping Delays

2. Your Order has been Delayed Due to Severe Weather

3. Shipping Delay Notice Due to Severe Weather

6 Ways to Write Shipment Delay Due to Weather Notices

1. Generic

Dear [Insert Customer Name],

We are sorry for the delay in your shipment. The severe weather conditions have caused significant delays in our operations. We are doing everything possible to ensure that your order is shipped as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


[Your Name]

→ Download the Generic Shipment Delay Template

2. Human - Good for E-Commerce Businesses

→ Download the Human / Good for E-Commerce Shipment Delay Template

Get 24 Free E-mail Templates for CX Teams banner

3. Staff Safety

→ Download the Staff Safety Shipment Delay Template

4. Customized

→ Download the Customized Shipment Delay Template

5. From the owner

→ Download the From the Owner Shipment Delay Template

6. Just In Case

→ Download the Just In Case Shipment Delay Template

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