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7 Social Content Moderation Best Practices for E-Commerce Brands

Aneto Okonkwo
June 21, 2022
Social content moderation is a must for e-commerce brands - start with these six best practices.

Respond as fast as possible.

A study from Twitter shows that when a brand responded to a customer’s Tweet in less than 6 minutes, the customer was willing to pay almost $20 more for that brand in the future. With Chatdesk, we can help you speed up response times and improve CSAT scores.

Personalize your responses.

Chatbots have a role to play in support but that is best for private communication channels like DMs and emails. On social media, it’s typically a public interaction so when you reply to a customer’s comment you want it to be as personalized as possible.

Show empathy.

On the note of personalization, make sure conversations feel human. If you have customers reaching out to you on social media about something they’ve purchased, it’s likely they have already tried to reach you on another channel like email or phone. At this point, it’s safe to assume they’re frustrated, so you want to treat them with care. Otherwise, a negative interaction could go viral in the wrong way. In our free playbook with 24 templates for responding to customers, there are a few you can copy and paste for responding to negative comments and feedback.

Download Now: 24 Free Templates for Responding to Customers

Leverage the power of stories to get strong engagement.

Storyworth is a brand who not only has a big social following, but they also have strong social engagement. They do this with stories. Literally. Their product helps you create a book or memoir with stories from your loved one like a grandparent or parent. Recently, they launched a series of posts which asks customers to share their favorite traits of their mother. For example, “How are you similar to your mother?”. Many people responded by sharing a lot of heartwarming stories and Storyworth was getting thousands of comments. Responding to those comments helped people learn about the brand and potentially become a subscriber. Their strength here is using the power of stories and the reach of social media to grow their audience. 

Use a tool.

You can use Intercom for managing your DMs and you can use the native applications of the social platform for interacting with the comments. As your social volume grows, then you can bring on a partner like Chatdesk for ensuring fast and personalized responses to customer questions 24/7. We also have a free analytics tool that can provide Automatic Customer Insights on your social media and all other channels.

Work with influencers.

Another major trend is the rise of influencers and the creator economy. Even if your brand doesn’t have a large presence on social media, you can align yourself with an influencer who reaches your target demographic and they can help get the word out about your brand. One of the brands Chatdesk works with is a swimwear brand called Andie - and they’ve had great success working with influencers. If you’re budget conscious, explore working with micro- or nano influencers. Their reach or following may not be as big as more well-known influencers, but their audience tends to be more engaged. 

Be diligent about proactive social engagement.

Proactive social media engagement is all about finding and engaging in conversations outside of your brand’s social following. For example, Chatdesk does this for Shea Moisture, a leading hair care brand. We identified hashtags relevant to them on TikTok like #naturalhair, which has 8 billion views, and #curlyhair, which has 18 billion views. Those hashtags are essentially communities of TikTok users and influencers who use those hashtags. By participating in conversations with people who use those hashtags, Shea Moisture is able to engage with a much larger community outside of just their own. Most brands don’t do this, so it’s a competitive edge for brands that do. 

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