How SAXX customer support scales during sales with Chatdesk

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"Chatdesk transformed how we approach our peak seasons. Handling thousands of customer interactions 24/7 in multiple languages, Chatdesk makes our busiest times feel like business as usual — only better."

Kaelyn Giesbrecht
Manager, Customer Service

About SAXX underwear

SAXX Underwear is a premium men’s underwear, loungewear, and activewear brand known for its innovative design and commitment to comfort. With a focus on high-quality materials and functional design, SAXX has grown into a well-loved brand among active and stylish men. 

Challenges scaling customer support

As SAXX Underwear's popularity surged, so did their customer support demands. Peak seasons like summer sales and Black Friday / Cyber Monday brought huge surges in customer inquiries across email, chat, and social. 

SAXX historically managed these peak volume moments by recruiting and hiring on seasonal staff. They recognized the time and cost associated with this — and that it locked them into a specific number of people for added support, which created limitations when unexpected events arose creating higher than projected volumes.

Choosing to partner with Chatdesk

True to their brand, SAXX sought an innovative customer support solution that would work and feel great. They recognized that Chatdesk’s approach to 1:1 customer engagement would provide the quality, scale, speed, and ease they needed.

  • AI-powered expertise: Chatdesk combined AI with CX experts passionate about the SAXX brand. This ensured rapid responses and a deep understanding of customer needs.
  • Done-for-you model: Chatdesk managed all hiring, training, and coaching. Within days, a team of Chatdesk experts was solving customer support inquiries for SAXX.
  • Seamless integrations and launch: Chatdesk offered fast and easy implementation. One-click integrations with SAXX's existing tools like Gorgias and Shopify meant no dev work and smooth workflows.
  • Scalable and cost-effective: Chatdesk's per resolution pricing gave SAXX an easy, cost-effective way to scale support up and down based on demand.

Measurements that matter

The partnership yielded impressive results. Chatdesk focused on customer support emails for the SAXX team, resolving more than 20,000 tickets during peak season, leading the scoreboard in response and resolution times, and converting nearly 10% of support tickets into a sale.

  • 20,120 email tickets resolved
  • 26-minute average first reply time
  • 76% of tickets resolved in <90 min
  • 9.43% of tickets converted to sales
  • 136% return on investment
" Chatdesk transformed how we approach our peak seasons. Handling thousands of customer interactions 24/7 in multiple languages, Chatdesk makes our busiest times feel like business as usual — only better. The direct line of communication with the Chatdesk team allows us to quickly share updates and feedback."

— Kaelyn Giesbrecht, Manager, Customer Service

100% resolution with AI + Humans

The Chatdesk platform uses AI to learn the SAXX voice and policies, understand past customer interactions, and generate 1:1 messages that fit each customer’s unique context and preferences. The Chatdesk experts who support SAXX review responses and handle the complex issues best handled with human interaction. By combining the strengths of AI and people, Chatdesk ensures every SAXX customer inquiry can be resolved with a prompt and personalized response — season after season.

"Chatdesk has been a lifesaver for us at SAXX during peak seasons. Their mix of AI and human expertise not only captures our brand voice perfectly but also ensures every customer query is handled — no exceptions. It’s impressive how they manage to resolve 100% of tickets, maintaining a personal touch with each interaction."

— Rob Cater, Director, Customer Experience