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Best Call Center Software for Small Businesses' Contact Center

By Chelsea Verstegen
June 30, 2022
Comprehensive breakdown of the best Contact Center Solutions including pricing comparisons, advanced features of different software for various business needs

Having reliable contact center software for outbound or inbound calls can make your customer experience and customer support teams’ jobs easier. This guide will save you time from combing through Gartner or Forrester reports.

Many companies are looking to switch from legacy on-premises call center solutions to cloud contact centers. A cloud platform that uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) gives you more flexibility particularly given the pandemic. VoIP means that you are making calls over the internet using a computer telephony integration.

Different sizes and types of businesses require different capabilities from their contact center solution, because there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer.

Most call center software solutions enable you to buy phone numbers for receiving calls and include a dialer to make calls. More sophisticated cloud call centers will include the following call center software features

Here’s a compilation of the best call center solutions for various types of companies. We’ve included the lowest comparable pricing for you to review below each recommendation. And if you’re looking for a help desk or Omnichannel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to compliment your contact center software, check out our article that identifies the best CRMs for your business like Zendesk or Salesforce.

Additionally, Chatdesk works with all leading contact center solutions by helping to reduce call volume by deflecting calls from your inbound call center to more efficient communication channels, like chat, SMS, or social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. You can also use Chatdesk to streamline your customer experience by guiding calls through a self help flow where you can automate like self service order status, returns or even a chatbot. This helps to improve customer satisfaction, modernize your customer experience and reduce costs for your customer service team by up to $3-5 per call. You can learn more about Chatdesk Shift in the link below

Looking to reduce call volume by 10%? Deflect calls to chat and self help with Chatdesk Shift

Best Low-Cost Call Center Software

Who we like: Aircall

Aircall logo

Aircall offers simple cloud-based call center software for small businesses for as little as $30/month. Setup is a breeze and requires no hardware, and you can customize your package to suit the needs of your business. It comes with basic IVR functionality and a slick mobile app which makes dialing easy and you can make inbound or outbound calls on the go.

Price: $30 monthly per agent, no setup fee

Best Contact Center Software for Startups

Who we like: Zendesk

Zendesk logo

Zendesk offers six months credit for free, meaning you can redeem up to six months of up to 100 agents for any combination of Zendesk Support, Talk, Chat, Guide, and Explore products, for free. They’ve got an integrated suite of email, chat, phone, and help center, meaning they can be your one-stop-shop for managing customer interactions.

Price: $49 monthly per agent, $0.016 per minute, no setup fee

Best Omnichannel Call Center Software

Who we like: Zendesk Talk

Zendesk logo

Zendesk Talk is call center software that is built right into the Zendesk ticketing system, which makes customer service a breeze. Customer support teams can provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage their other channels, and customer records and history can be viewed in the same place.

Price: $49 monthly per agent, $0.016 per minute, no setup fee

Who we like: Freshcaller

Freshcaller logo

Freshcaller, a Freshworks product, is simple call center software that connects to Freshdesk, providing you with a full suite of chat, call, and email for customer engagement all in one program. Freshcaller offers custom reporting, number management, an advanced inbound routing engine, and virtual conversation monitoring.

Price: $19 monthly per agent, $0.015 per minute, no setup fee

Best Contact Center Software for Complicated Routing Rules

Who we like: Five9

Five9 logo

Five9 has advanced features like “Intelligent Routing” to match agents to phone calls based on IVR selections, customer history, agent availability, real-time analytics and more. If you ever need to make adjustments, you can do so with the click of a button. This is great for outbound call centers. Five9 also offers hands-on implementation support to make sure your company gets off to a great start.

Price: $180 monthly per agent, 3 agent minimum, and $500 setup fee

Who we like: NICE InContact

NICE InContact

InContact also has a complex IVR and uses sophisticated Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD) to make sure that digital and voice interaction are routed to qualified agents. InContact’s software provides a universal queue for 30+ channels, all consolidated into one omnichannel agent.

Price: $169 monthly per agent, $2,500 setup fee

Best Call Center Software

Who we like: Talkdesk

Talkdesk logo

If you’re looking to switch from an old school call center software like Genesys, Cisco, or Avaya, Talkdesk is a great cloud solution that will match your business needs. While Talkdesk does require a few weeks of setup, it’s a robust platform that’s endlessly adaptable and great for all size companies. Additionally, Talkdesk is trusted by 1800+ companies, including Peloton, Dropbox, and IBM.

Price: $78 monthly per agent, $750 Setup fee

Best Contact Center Platform that Integrates with Mobile Apps

Who we like: Ujet

Ujet logo

Ujet includes mobile device features like personal authentication, media sharing, and call scheduling. This allows customers the ability to receive support without bogging down your phone lines.

Price: Not provided by vendor

Who we like: Talkdesk

Talkdesk logo

Talkdesk allows you to seamlessly integrate Talkdesk’s services into your iOS and Android applications, which helps promote self-service issue resolution, saving your agents time.

Price: $78 monthly per agent, $750 Setup fee

Upgrade your Cloud Contact Center Solution

It’s important to evaluate which contact center solution will best help with your company’s business needs. has already brought all sorts of changes for businesses, so make sure your contact center solution is able to handle any inbound call volume you may see. And keep in mind that Chatdesk integrates with each of these call center solutions, as well as many others, to help you keep your customer service under control. If you’re interested in seeing how Chatdesk can help you, you can request a demo here

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