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Meet Jayme, Chatdesk Expert of the Month

Michael Waters
June 2, 2022
Jayme Bartolomeo is our featured Chatdesk Expert of the Month. Meet Jayme!

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

“I’m originally from Philly. My husband, three-year old son, and I moved to Delaware three years ago. And, I don’t know if you know this, but I’m pregnant. I’m eight months pregnant.”

Q: Congratulations! Seems like you have a lot on your plate.

“Yea, it’s a lot. And we just moved to a new neighborhood. Last month, my son let my dog out the front door. So imagine, when I was at seven months pregnant, I was running around the neighborhood looking for my dog because he’s lost.”

Q: What do you do for Chatdesk?

“I've been with Chatdesk for a little over a year, I’m an on-demand Expert for OLAPLEX on chat. It's a leading hair care brand.”

Q: Got it. What were you doing before that?

“I was taking care of Theo, so stay-at-home mom. And before that, I was a hair stylist at a salon.”

Q: Have you always been into hair styling?

“Actually, I never wanted to do hair. I really wanted to do nails. And then when I went into cosmetology school, it focused more on hair than nails, so then I got into doing hair. But when I was younger, I wanted to work with animals. So it's like a totally different area of what I wanted to do.”

Q: Do you have any favorite hair styles?

“Honestly, for cuts, I like to do men's cuts, because they're kind of different. When I worked in a salon, I liked to do the edgier cuts because it's something different that you're working on.”

Q: So with your expertise in hair styling, do you feel like it comes in handy when doing customer service for OLAPLEX?

“So when people write in about a question that has to do with their hair, I could answer that because I have the background and knowledge of doing hair. Or if they're asking what's good for them, and if they give me specifics, I could always just look up products and see what would be good for their hair.”

 Q: Did you know about OLAPLEX products before becoming a customer support Expert for them?

“I know all about OLAPLEX products because I worked with them a lot at my old salon.”

Q: What’s your favorite OLAPLEX product?

“I like the No.7 oil because I don't like anything heavy in my hair.”

Q: How did you hear about Chatdesk?

“So I moved and stopped working because I wasn't in the area anymore. And then I was a stay at home mom. (I’m still a stay at home mom.) So I was just looking for at-home jobs that I could do. And it's been good because I can stay at home and make a little extra money. And it's not a stressful thing that I have to worry about every day.”

Q: How does it work when you reply to customers? How do you know what to say?

“I mean Chatdesk makes it really easy, because they have a whole bunch of responses there. The responses come from other people that have worked on the messages previously. 

So say you get a message, like, I don't know, what's the promo for whatever. You could just type in, you know, the promo at the bottom of the search bar, and it'll bring up everything that has been responded to in the past. 

It's easier in a sense where you can kind of search it up and figure it out. And you know, sometimes you do have to go ask somebody but most of the time you can look it up yourself and don't need to have another person step in and help you out. Which is nice. Also, I think, it's just easy having everything in one spot for chatting. I mean, I've never worked for any other online-based customer support company before so I don't know how other places are, but I mean Chatdesk is very simple to work for.”

Thank you for everything you do Jayme! Experts like Jayme help us supercharge customer support for fast-growing brands. If you’re interested in checking out Jayme’s hair designs, make sure to follow her on Instagram.

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