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Creating a Voice of the Customer (VoC) Program Best Practices from Top CX Leaders

Aneto Okonko
June 30, 2022
Built for CX Leaders, learn how to make your VoC program a sustainable success.
NY Customer Experience Meetup, April 19th 2018

When we co-hosted the New York Customer Experience Meetup, we had the great opportunity of meeting 40+ top CX professionals. We shared best practice case studies on Voice of Customer analytics and also hosted a fireside chat with Albert Hu, Senior Analytics Manager at Here are some key takeaways from the event:

1. Running a low effort Voice of Customer program

Reading through general market research or a Forrester & Gartner report won't help you understand your company's unique Voice of the Customer, so it is important to conduct your own analysis. The good news is you don’t need a big budget or a lot of time to get started with Voice of Customer research. Here are some quick actionable approaches you can try:

You can do these activities on your own or invite other company stakeholders to join focus groups during a session. These approaches can yield quick customer insights but you also have to be careful to avoid using isolated anecdotes to drive major business investments. It’s best to confirm your initial findings through analyzing a larger sample of customers for thorough data collection.

2. Getting more support from across the organization

Many CX leaders have difficulty getting budget to invest in Voice of the Customer strategy. Another challenge is getting different stakeholders (e.g. Product, Operations, etc.) to understand the business value and implement the recommendations from a Voice of Customer strategy. Not every decision-maker understands the importance of customer-centric initiatives. Here are some techniques to overcome this:

3. The future of Voice of Customer analysis

Here are some trends that will impact the evolution and lifecycle of VOC analysis

The bottom line is: companies are shifting increasing focus onto customer satisfaction, and using data to help build impactful Voice of the Customer programs. At Chatdesk, we recently launched a solution to make it easy to run a VOC program — Chatdesk Trends automatically tags customer feedback in real time across all channels (e.g. product feedback, sentiment). We’re working with companies in a variety of industries including clothing, beauty, bedding and more. Our customers are using their Trends dashboard to reduce churn, optimize product merchandising and increase self service.

What are your predictions for the future of Voice of Customer analysis? Let us know in the comments

Chatdesk Trends—Automatically tags customer feedback in real time across all channels

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