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How to Respond to Instagram Comments (The Right Way)

Alice Wong
December 14, 2022
In this article, we'll go over the best practices for how to respond to Instagram comments (the right way) and give some examples from popular brands.

When someone has commented on your Instagram post, you have the opportunity to engage with them and build a relationship. However, there are also some things you should avoid doing when responding to comments on Instagram.

4 Best Practices for Responding to Instagram Comments

1. Reply within a few hours

According to Sprout Social, the average response time for brands on social media is 23 hours. Replying to your audience as soon as possible shows you appreciate the feedback and that you’re engaged with your followers. That said, it's impractical to respond to every comment instantaneously - even if you have a dedicated person doing it. A good target is to respond within a few hours. Chatdesk Brand Experts can help you respond faster to your Instagram comments starting at $99/month.

2. Be polite and respectful

When replying to comments, be polite and respectful. Remember that you’re interacting with real people and that your replies are public.

3. Keep it brief

When responding to comments, keep your responses brief. This will keep the conversation moving and your followers engaged. Emojis are a great way to add personality to your responses and keep the conversation light.

4. Be personal

Being personal and engaging makes you relatable and will help you build relationships and loyalty with your followers. If you have the time, respond to a few comments personally with a personal story or anecdote.

Here's an example of a personal response:

Thanks for the comment, Sarah! I totally get what you're saying. I used to feel the same way when I started out. I think the best way to get over that is to just keep practicing and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

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Does Responding to Instagram Comments help? Does it add any value?

There are three reasons to care about responding to your Instagram Comments:

1. It drives stronger engagement. Most brands care about responding to their Instagram comments to drive stronger engagement with their audience. The value there is establishing and growing your community because after all, loyalty drives more sales.

2. It helps with customer service. The fact is customer service channels extend beyond phone and e-mail; a lot of customer service happens on social media now too. But a customer service on social media is different in two ways:

On a more positive note though, using social for customer service can show other potential customers you’re attentive to your customers’ needs and that you stand behind your product or service.

3. It drives conversions. In your comments section is a goldmine of sales opportunities. At Chatdesk, we've analyzed millions of comments and DM's from e-commerce brands and found that almost 50% are pre-sales related. This includes product related questions like "Do you have that product in xyz size?" Simply responding to them will increase conversions by as much as 15%. You can easily see the breakdown of pre-sales versus post-sales questions using our automatic insights solution. Sign up for a free trial here.

E-Commerce Brands Who Do a Great Job of Replying to Social Comments

Here are a few Instagram comment reply ideas from popular brands:


Glossier is a brand that sells skincare and makeup. They reply to almost every comment on their posts, and they always take the time to thank their customers for their feedback. This makes their customers feel appreciated, and it also helps to create a strong community around the brand.

Glossier Instagram Image of Social Comment Moderation
Examples of Glossier replying to comments on Instagram

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an online retailer that sells prescription glasses and sunglasses. Its Instagram account is filled with product images and people asking questions about the products.

Instagram comments form Warby Parker

How to Respond to Positive Comments on Instagram

When someone takes the time to write a positive comment on your Instagram post, it's important to respond in a way that shows your gratitude. Thank the commenter for their kind words, and let them know you appreciate their support.

Five Examples of Responses to Positive Comments on  Instagram

"Thank you for the kind words! We're glad you enjoy our account."

"We're so happy you like our content! Thank you for following us."

"We're glad you enjoy our photos and thank you for the kind words."

"Thank you for the support! We appreciate it."

"We're glad you enjoy our account and thank you for the compliments."

How to Respond to Negative Comments on Instagram

Instagram comments can be frustrating, but they're not worth losing sleep over. Before you reply, take a step back and use the following tips to help reign in your emotions:

- Think about the type of comment you're getting and why you're getting it.

- Consider your goal for the social media post

- Ask yourself who the comment is for

Then, follow these steps:

1. Thank the commenter for their input.

2. Address the concern or issue that the commenter is raising.

3. If you have something else to add, try to keep your response concise. If you need more context into the issue the commenter is raising, move the conversation to a more private channel like e-mail. Here's an example of a response:

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to write this. We're really sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience and we want to make things right. You can reach me at ___________. I'd be happy to help. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

And remember:

- Don't take the bait. Always take the high road.

- Respond with kindness.

- Delete the comment if necessary. (Note: Deleting comments shouldn't be your default. Brands with only positive comments may not appear authentic.)

- If it's your mistake, apologize and make it right.  

Five Examples of Responses to Negative Comments on Instagram

10 Ideas on How to Reply to Comments on Instagram

Sometimes it can be tricky to know how to reply on Instagram. It can vary on a case-by-case basis. However, here are a few ideas:

  1. Thank them for their comment.
  2. Ask a question in response to their comment.
  3. Give them more information about what you shared in your post.
  4. Share a funny story or anecdote in response to their comment.
  5. Give them a compliment.
  6. Respond to their comment with a GIF.
  7. Tag a friend in response to their comment.
  8. Share an inspirational quote in response to their comment.
  9. Offer your help or advice in response to their comment.
  10. Respond to their comment with a picture.

Respond to More Instagram Comments, Faster

Maintaining a business, much less a social media presence, is extremely time consuming. See all the ways Chatdesk’s personalized customer support, including branded comment moderators that work across your social media platforms, can proactively and reactively assist you with helping your customers 24/7. Schedule a free demo to learn more.

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