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How to Sell Jewelry on Instagram with these 6 Methods

Michael Waters
May 27, 2022
Jewelry brands making strong pushes on Instagram are seeing huge returns. With the right approach, jewelry businesses can maximize their sales on the platform.

For brands in the jewelry industry, e-commerce is a fast-growing niche. While only between 5% and 10% of jewelry sales right now happen online, the brands that do make strong pushes on social media platforms like Instagram are seeing big returns. 

DTC jewelry stores like Mejuri have gone mainstream in recent years, and the success of some companies on social media has given rise to an entire category of “Instagram-famous jewelry brands,” like the Gen-Z-beloved brand Dalmata.

How 6 Jewelry Brands Use Instagram to Sell Their Products

These companies are proving that, with the right approach, customers are more than willing to buy high-price items like jewelry online—namely off of Instagram. Here are some tips on how they do it:

Share the Inspiration Behind Your Jewelry Designs

The success of a jewelry brand is often tied to how people perceive the company’s founder. Highlighting the visionary behind your jewelry designs is a great way to make your target audience feel like they are buying a product with a backstory they want to support.

Lily Gabriella, a jewelry designer who sells through the platform, uses her Instagram account to share the inspirations behind her jewelry making. This gives each jewelry piece a story - drawing in deeper connections with potential buyers.

She said in one interview Instagram helped kickstart her brand. “In my mind consumers are looking to connect with the designer and think of us as part of the experience. There is a sense of intimacy somehow - despite the platform.”

Lean Into ASMR Content

For users, repeatedly seeing the same types of photos of your new products on their Instagram feeds can get boring. Brands should think about trends they can use to spice up their Instagram posts.

One popular method among jewelry brands is to make ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos. Essentially, ASMR videos work because they showcase the aesthetically pleasing sides of your product. Mejuri, for instance, has an ASMR video that features stacks of the brand’s jewelry pieces and rings.

Make It Shoppable

The advantage of an Instagram business account is the capability of having easily accessible buy links, which helps ensure that your casual followers convert into paying customers.

You can do this by loading your products into an Instagram Shop and setting up Instagram Checkout to let people buy from you directly on the app. Or if you don’t want to use Instagram Shopping, you can also use services like Likeshop.

Likeshop is a link-in-bio tool. Click it, and it takes you to a version of your brand’s Instagram page where each post includes a buy link for the products featured. The DTC jewelry brand Gorjana, for instance, is one of many brands using Likeshop. 

Use Instagram Story Highlights

The most successful jewelry brands on Instagram don’t just have engaging posts and high-quality content. They also supply their potential customers with all the information they need to know about sizing, returns, and more without having to exit the app.

A great way to do this is to pin Stories that address many of the basic questions that customers might have:

Create a Rhythm to Your Posts So Customers Keep Coming Back

The average Instagram user follows dozens of brands and retailers on the social networking platform. This means that, for customers to stay tuned to what you post, you need to create reasons for them to pay attention.

One way to build this brand awareness is to have some kind of weekly feature, whether that’s a contest, a giveaway, or a product drop. Also, don't forget to use hashtags so people can easily find your promos.

The direct-to-consumer online store Mejuri has become a master of this digital marketing strategy. The brand drops new necklaces every Monday, creating a built-in reason for Instagram followers to visit the brand's page again and again. 

Be Ready to Engage in the Comments

Employ the 6 strategies above, and inevitably, you’re going to see a lot more engagement on your posts. Most customers will share their questions or concerns directly in Instagram comments and you’ll want to engage back. 

If you’re short-staffed, Chatdesk can help you respond to your customer inquiries on Instagram starting at $99/month, whether that’s in the comments section or by direct message (DM). Brands who work with us typically see a 15% increase in social conversions. Schedule a demo to learn more or start your 2-weeks free trial today.

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