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Klayvio vs Attentive: Which Platform Is Best in 2023?

Chatdesk Team
January 19, 2023
Learn the similarities and differences between Klayvio vs Attentive, and learn how to use them to supercharge your customer experience.

Email and SMS marketing automation are two powerful tools that, when used together, can help your business reach its customers and boost your bottom line.

By combining email and SMS marketing, businesses have a better chance of reaching their customers quickly and efficiently so they can increase sales, grow their customer base organically, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

With the help of email and SMS automation platforms, businesses can put many of their marketing tasks on autopilot and streamline the entire process. Here’s a comparison of Klaviyo vs Attentive, two such platforms that deserve a closer look.

Why Email and SMS Marketing Automation Matters

Email and SMS marketing automation is a great way to reach customers with the right message at the right time. For businesses that wish to reach their customers through email or SMS, here's why it's helpful to use a platform for email and SMS marketing automation.

Improve Customer Engagement

Email and SMS marketing automation helps to increase customer engagement by sending out automated messages based on certain triggers or events. For example, if a customer has not made a purchase for over two months, you can send an email or text to remind them of your product or service. Customers are more likely to be engaged with your brand if you keep in touch with special offers or new product announcements.

Email Customers Based on Their Behavior

With automation, you can take a deeper look at customers’ purchase history and preferences and send reminders based on these insights. For example, if a customer has purchased from you in the past but hasn't recently, maybe they need a reminder about your brand. You can send out specific calls to action that help you meet your sales and marketing goals.

Personalize the User Experience

SMS marketing automation provides a unique opportunity to engage directly with an engaged audience that may be more likely to read text messages than emails. Although email is still the preferred communication medium for the majority of consumers, 29% of consumers would rather receive SMS messages. 


While SMS messaging is a key marketing tool, email is still an important medium, so it’s to your benefit to use both forms of marketing. Email marketing automation is especially useful for companies that have an online store, as it allows them to communicate with customers about their purchases and encourage them to make more purchases in the future. By automating certain processes of your email marketing campaign, you can ensure that customers receive all of your important communications.

Reduce Manual Efforts

With automation platforms, you eliminate much of the manual efforts needed to follow up with leads and those who have interacted with your e-commerce site. Automation allows you to reach out to customers and even provide them with assistance based on the parameters you set up in the platform. Using both email and SMS messaging gives you more than one touchpoint to reach your audience.

What is Klaviyo?

Klayvio email marketing platform

Founded in 2012, Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing and automation platform for ecommerce businesses. The platform makes it easy to create triggers in your customer journey and automate emails and texts based on customer behavior. You can also manage all of your email marketing campaigns, track results, and measure performance — all in one place.

Klayvio’s built-in customer data platform (CDP) makes it easy to view buyer profiles and purchase behaviors — making it a desirable tool in any ecommerce marketer’s tech stack.

Who Uses Klaviyo?

Any brand that works in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space, such as e-commerce brands, needs a systemized way of following up on new leads, abandoned online shopping carts, and other opportunities.

Klaviyo is one of the leading platforms that e-commerce brands use to improve their customer engagement and market their services to customers based on their shopping behavior. If your brand relies heavily on email marketing, then this email-first platform may be ideal for you.

Pros of Using Klaviyo vs Attentive

Klaviyo Pricing

Klayvio pricing plans

You can get started with Klaviyo email and SMS plans at zero upfront cost, making it a great option for getting started on a budget. The free plan gives you 500 monthly email sends, a built-in CDP, 150 free monthly SMS credits, and email support for the first 60 days. As you scale, you can pay for a higher-tier plan starting at $45 per month that offers additional features and benefits.

What is Attentive?

Attentive SMS marketing platform

Attentive is built around SMS marketing, so the platform is designed for “conversational commerce.” This means you can use Attentive to engage your customers with text messages they’ll actually want to read and encourage them to take actions that drive more online sales. 

Who Uses Attentive?

Attentive’s interactive messaging platform enables you to tap into a captive audience of people who have opted in to receive your SMS messages.

These are not the typical “no reply” messages like you would receive for appointment reminders or food pickup orders. Texts are personalized and help to drive conversations with people who have said they want to hear from you, like talking to a friend. If your marketing plan revolves around SMS messaging, then you might opt for Attentive vs. Klaviyo. 

Pros of Using Attentive vs Klaviyo

Attentive Pricing

Pricing is not readily available on the Attentive website. Request a demo to get started with the free trial and explore your pricing options based on your needs. Besides, a demo isn’t a bad idea — you’ll get a chance to have all of your questions answered and learn which plan is best for you and your goals.

Conclusion: Klaviyo or Attentive?

As mentioned above, you might want to stick with Klaviyo if you are already using the platform for your email marketing. This platform focuses on email and also allows you to have both your email and SMS marketing on a single platform, with useful integrations and reporting attribution features.

If you are looking to make SMS marketing a part of your overall strategy, however, then it’s tough to beat Attentive vs. Klaviyo. Attentive’s SMS platform provides a suite of features, incredible support, reporting capabilities, and other tools that you’ll find quite helpful as you build your SMS marketing plan. If you use another platform for email marketing or do your email marketing in-house, then Attentive is probably the best route for you. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more helpful articles related to automation platforms, help desk software, customer service issues, case studies, and other topics related to online business. We’re always happy to help provide the knowledge and resources you need to improve and scale your customer experience operations.

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