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Meet the Chatdesk Experts

By Chelsea Verstegen
January 13, 2021
Chatdesk provides you with Superfans of your brand that know and love your brand to help you better serve your customers.

Chatdesk provides you with people that know and love your brand to help you better serve your customers. Here’s a closer look at who makes up our team of Experts, how we find our people, how we match them with the right company, and why they are a better option than a traditional customer service agent.

What is a Chatdesk Expert? 

Chatdesk Teams provides your company with local based brand Superfans that can help you scale your customer service on-demand. Many Experts are your existing customers that know and love your brand and will compliment your internal support team by answering your consumers’ most common questions, engaging with your brand audience on social channels, and even protecting your brand by moderating negative or spammy comments. 

Chatdesk has a network of freelancers from all over the country, including stay-at-home parents, students, and other people who dedicate their time to helping your brand reach its full potential.

Where Do We Find Our Experts?

We reach out to customers who are promoters of your brand as well as affinity groups like professional associations and online communities like Meetup, Facebook groups, and Reddit to find our Experts. We’ve also partnered with Hiring Our Heroes, an organization that connects veterans, service members, and military spouses with meaningful employment opportunities.

How Do We Match Experts With The Right Company? 

Chatdesk handles the hiring and training of the Superfans and you can handpick your team from a pool of Chatdesk Experts based on their interests, background, and quality scores. Our Experts are able to practice on previous tickets and scenarios and they get continuously scored. You can vet them based on their performance. We identify Experts that might be a good fit for your business. You have full control and you can add or remove them from your team at any time.

What Distinguishes a Chatdesk Expert from a Typical Agent?

There’s a big difference between an Expert and a Customer Service Agent. At Chatdesk, we look for top talent, but also search for people that want to help others, put great care into their interactions, and are motivated to learn about your offerings and represent your brand. 

Chatdesk Experts:

Best of all, you can have an unlimited number of Chatdesk Experts on your team at no additional cost. Your Chatdesk Experts are paid by Chatdesk for the tickets that they solve.

Meet Some of Our Experts

Chatdesk Experts will go above and beyond to support your brand. Here are some of our trusted Experts that continuously provide quality customer support for various brands.

Don from California, Chatdesk Expert for Cabinet Parts

“I started woodworking as a kid, and have never stopped. I just retired after 14 years as Plant Manager for a major custom plywood manufacturer. I purchased most of the hardware for our recently-completed kitchen remodel from Cabinet Parts.”

Bree from California, Chatdesk Expert for Mented Cosmetics

“I've been a Mented Cosmetics fan since the day I watched Jackie Aina review the blush last year. Since that time, I have ordered hundreds of dollars worth of products for myself and family members. Peach Please is my favorite shade of lipstick. I get at least 3-5 compliments on it every time I wear it out!”

Mike from New York, Chatdesk Expert for Ten Thousand

“I have nearly 20 years working in the health and fitness industry transforming the lives of many individuals during my career as a Personal Fitness Trainer. I motivate my clients to live a more active life. The quality of athletic clothing is very important for comfort, durability and safety. I love the line of shorts, shirts, tights and socks that Ten Thousand offers. They are stylish, durable, comfortable and affordable, which I recommend to my clientele.”

Sera from Hawaii, Chatdesk Expert for Whistle

“I have over 8+ years of experience working in office administration, sales, social media, and customer service. I'm also a dog mom of two beautiful golden retrievers and I'm loving it! I admire how [Whistle] created a product that benefits both the owner and the pet. I used to work as a veterinarian technician assistant, I always thought the microchips we had to administer to some patients were incredibly painful/invasive for the pets! As for the owner, it's pretty rough to watch. So to have something like this, it can be a great alternative for many pet owners. On top of that, incorporating a fitness and health monitor into the product is genius! I know how important customer service is to a successful business and am dependable, relatable, hardworking and a quick learner!”

If you’re interested in learning more about our Chatdesk Experts and how we can help you drive conversions and increase customer satisfaction, you can schedule a demo below. 

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