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How a Shark Tank Brand Effectively Scaled Customer Support and Increased Email Conversions by 15%

Joseph Unson
May 5, 2022
FitFighter receives a high volume of email inquiries that are tough to keep up with. Here's how they transformed that challenge into increased email conversion

An Introduction to FitFighter

FitFighter is a fitness brand that, according to founder and CEO Sarah Apgar, "was founded on the simple belief that anyone can begin a journey to lifelong strength and embrace every challenge that comes their way." 

Since Apgar appeared on Shark Tank and received an investment offer for FitFighter, sales of the brand's products and online training programs have soared. QVC, a free-to-air television network, and a flagship shopping channel, also featured the brand.

Due to the COVID-19, visiting fitness club locations have been less popular. With physical well-being and mental health becoming issues, the demand for at-home fitness equipment like FitFighter's has surged.

What the Brand Offers

FitFighter's fitness products and programs are based initially on and designed for firefighters and have made waves in the mainstream market since appearing on Shark Tank and QVC.

Their main product is the durable and easy-to-transport Steelhose. It's a tool with versatile functionality that's designed for everyday strength training.

In addition to the Steelhose product, they provide a subscription with over 100 workout videos coached by world-class professional trainers.


FitFighter's Future Goal

One of their aims is to launch their online fitness platform where customers can access their classes. 

They also plan to conduct programs where FitFighter coaches teach other fitness professionals to provide clients with personal training sessions using the Steelhose Instability Resistance Training (SIRT™) System.

FitFighterPro, the brand's certification program, tailored for different sports, lifestyles, and wellness and fitness goals, can achieve these efforts.

FYI: For FitFighter's contact information (email, phone number, etc.) and FAQs, visit their customer support page. Every topic from order checkout to member services is covered.

FitFighter's Challenge

Entering the mainstream and having thousands of followers has its merits, but it also has difficulties–mainly customer support and customer experience.

FitFighter receives a high volume of inquiries via email. The sudden influx came after their appearances on Shark Tank and QVC. They consist of:

They also include basic customer inquiries, but the key queries FitFighter wanted to focus on were pre-sale questions that lead to conversions. Failing to answer and keep up with those questions means missed sales and conversion opportunities.

To overcome this challenge, FitFighter sought a way to transform emails from their customers into 15% more conversions.


Their Customer Support Solution

To hit their target, FitFighter needed to scale their customer support to respond to all the messages coming in.

The solution to their problem came in the form of Chatdesk Teams. Chatdesk provides the following for FitFighter:

Example conversation between FitFighter customer and Chatdesk Expert.

Schedule a demo to see how Chatdesk Teams can provide you with a scalable solution that increases conversions.

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