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Outsource Live Chat Service: Outsource Your Support Team

Chatdesk Team
January 11, 2023
Looking for an outsourced live chat service? In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about outsourcing your live chat support tickets.

As your business grows, keeping up with live chat inquiries and support tickets can slowly take time away from focusing on other aspects of your business.

There comes a point where business owners start to spread themselves too thin across sales, marketing, and customer service initiatives. And often, many businesses start to neglect their customer service operations to focus on growth.

The problem, however, is that failing to provide great customer service can actually lead to a decrease in customer loyalty and hurt your brand reputation in the long run.

The other issue is that hiring customer service reps in-house can also be a costly endeavor — not just in money but also time.

This is why many businesses look to outsource their customer service to reputable US-based agents with Chatdesk that can easily scale up or down, can speak their brand voice, and know their products inside out.

What Is Live Chat Outsourcing?

Live chat outsourcing is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve their customer service without having to hire and manage people in-house. By outsourcing live chat support, businesses can benefit from 24/7 access to professional customer service agents who are experts in providing quick and personalized responses to support tickets. Live chat outsourcing also allows businesses to save time and money that would otherwise be used on hiring, training, and managing an in-house team of customer service reps.

On the same token, live chat outsourcing offers flexible scalability options so you can quickly adjust your staffing levels according to demand.

Benefits of Outsourcing Live Chat With Chatdesk

Outsourcing your live chat service can come with many benefits. But at the root of these benefits is the fact that outsourcing allows you to tap into a customer service team that works 24/7, across different business hours, to make sure all of your support tickets are answered with consistency.

Chatdesk testimonials

Having your support agents respond in a timely manner strengthens customer relationships and allows your brand to experience benefits such as:

Let’s dive a bit deeper into one.

Better Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

NPS is a customer satisfaction metric that measures how likely it is that a customer will recommend your service or product to others.

By outsourcing your live chat customer service, you'll have peace of mind knowing customers are receiving quick responses to their questions and concerns — leading to higher customer satisfaction rates.

Companies that use Chatdesk for their outsourcing efforts see up to 90+ NPS, along with other benefits

Better Conversion Rates and Improved Retention

Happier customers with Chatdesk

The benefit of using a platform like Chatdesk is that live chat agents will also be able to respond to support questions via email and even social media.

This type of customer engagement can help strengthen your brand, and even re-engage customers who may have initially had a bad experience with your products or services.

Responding to customers proactively, as soon as possible, shows consumers that you’re a brand that truly cares about creating a great customer experience.

"It was difficult for our team to respond 24/7 on social media but so important for sales. Within hours, Chatdesk was responding to messages and making Andie women happy!" — Rachel Thaw, Operations Manager

Companies outsourcing to live chat agents with Chatdesk are able to get real-time insights that allow them to continue improving their overall customer experience.

This leads to less customer churn and better retention rates, which in turn can lead to more repeat customers and an increase in word-of-mouth marketing.

Zero Additional Effort

It's a no-brainer that outsourcing can help free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Chatdesk's US-based agents go through a rigorous application process that makes sure your outsourced customer service team is the best fit for your products and services.

We find passionate customer service reps that already love your brand and train them to respond with your brand's voice and tone from day one. 

"Chatdesk has given us a conversion boost of over 10%. It was a one-click setup and then instantly we had the Chatdesk Experts providing support responses that were highly accurate." — Wes Blundy, Founder & CEO

With our free pilot, you'll be able to get an outsourced team up and running in as little as 1 week. We do all the hiring and training, so there's minimal effort on your side.

If you would like to get a free pilot, be sure to schedule a demo!

How To Outsource Live Chat 

Before you decide to outsource your live chat efforts, you need to make sure you have an integration with a chatbot or live chat software like Gorgias or Zendesk. These tools will allow your website visitors to contact you from any page on your website.

After you have that setup, you should have an FAQ section or knowledge base on your site that allows you to deflect support tickets to a self-service option.

The key here is to automate as much of the process as possible before you decide to outsource to real humans.

Once you hit a point where answering support tickets becomes too time-consuming, you need to find a reputable outsourcing company that has worked with brands just like yours.

This is where a company like Chatdesk comes in.

We’ve helped over 900+ ecommerce companies, fintech companies, SaaS businesses, travel companies, and marketplaces successfully outsource their live chat support services to real, US-based agents.

Outsource live chat, email, and social media

The benefit of a company like Chatdesk, compared to other outsourcing companies, is that our customer service agents act as an on-demand extension of your own team. Chatdesk’s services differ from traditional outsourcing solutions in a few key ways:

If you want to get started for free, and see how Chatdesk can supercharge your customer service operation, be sure to schedule a demo!

The Cost to Outsource Your Chat Support Team

Typical live chat and call center outsourcing can be quite expensive — especially if your business is seasonal.

However, Chatdesk works on a pay-per-ticket model.

Chatdesk pricing

This kind of pricing model allows you to only pay for tickets that your team processes, rather than charging a flat fee. This means your business pays only for what you need and can quickly adjust your staffing levels up or down to account for seasonal fluctuations.

On top of that, with Chatdesk, you don't have to worry about any minimums or monthly commitments — making it one of the most budget-friendly live chat outsourcing services available.

Chatdesk vs alternatives

Overall, outsourcing your customer service team with Chatdesk is an affordable and effective way to ensure that your customers receive the best possible service without breaking the bank.

Be sure to book a demo to see what Chatdesk can do for your business!

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