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Product Recommendation Quizzes for Selling E-commerce Products

Michael Waters
December 20, 2021
Rather than rely on customers to sift through products on their own, quizzes can offer the right product directly in front of consumers.

Poke around a beauty brand's website, and customers might notice that brands increasingly direct them to fill out interactive quizzes. 

As early-2010s Buzzfeed demonstrated to the world, a well-written quiz can draw in engaged users. Examples include Buzzfeed's personality quizzes, each providing a significant call to action (CTA) at the end.

For brands, quizzes also present a new way to sell website visitors a product. Rather than rely on customers to sift through products on their own, quizzes can offer the right product directly in front of them.

E-Commerce Quizzes Drive More Than Just Sales

Beauty and personal care brands like The Honest Company, Sephora, and NARS Cosmetics have embraced the online store quiz templates. 

Quizzes that provide personalized product recommendations simplify online shopping, enhance the overall customer experience, and help drive conversion rates.

Tips to Build the Best Product Recommendation Quiz

There are two main types of brand quizzes: quizzes that explain what a brand stands for and quizzes that end in a product recommendation. 

The brands that have the best quizzes have a few things in common:

Cut Through the Noise of Search Results

Instead of scrolling through pages of products, quizzes offer a different and more active way for customers to search for products on an e-commerce store's website. They choose their qualifications for each product, and the quiz offers the best recommendation.

Pick a Product That's Difficult to Sell Online

Quizzes work best for products that customers can't get a good sense of from a photo.

Candles and perfumes, for instance, make for an ideal quiz category because customers won't otherwise know what scent to expect. Here’s an example from the fragrance brand, Skylar

The same could be said for skincare. People don't choose a beauty product because of pictures. They need to know about ingredients, effects on different skin types, etc. Here’s an example from Mented Cosmetics

Keep It Brief

While Soko Glam's quiz runs 19 questions in length, most successful quizzes don't require a significant time commitment from users.

After three quiz questions, Ulta Beauty's "best foundation" quiz promises product recommendations.

Users only need to select their preferred foundation coverage, foundation finish, and the benefit they want most out of their foundation (anti-aging vs. blemish control). Afterward, the quiz results page will instantly pop up.

A Personalized Experience That Fits Your Brand

A personalized experience for customers is essential to a successful quiz. Based on customer insights and analytics, formulate questions with recommended products.

Creating a quiz tailored to your customers makes it more exciting to engage in.

Use the Quiz to Tell Your Brand's Story

One of the best quiz builders in the beauty space is NARS Cosmetics, which lists nine different quizzes. NARS said last year that at least 25% of all of its U.S. site visitors engaged with a quiz, answering over 183,000 questions over a year.

One of its quizzes, "So you think you know about NARS?," uses the space to educate quiz takers about the founding history of NARS as well as its most iconic products.

Use It to Learn About Your Customers

For brands, quizzes offer other benefits beyond selling products. Done right, they can be a way to learn more about who your customers are, what they know about you, and what products they are looking for.

Pro Tip: Quizzes are also effective lead capture tools. Embed your best quiz on your homepage to easily engage first-time visitors.

Build Your Quiz Based on Customer Feedback

Feedback from your customers will help you create a well-aligned quiz. 

To strategize questions around your products for a beauty quiz, brands need a sophisticated tracking solution that analyzes customer feedback from all of your channels - giving you the most comprehensive insights from consumers.

Chatdesk Trends delivers the insights you need to build a quiz perfectly tailored to your target audience. Trends also provides your brand with the following solutions:

Schedule a demo here to learn more about how Chatdesk Trends captures data on customers, products, and campaigns.

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