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How Pandemic Era Brands Can Turn Their New Product Launches Into Digital Events

Michael Waters
December 20, 2021
Brands increasingly want to turn product launches into digital events. To execute successfully, they will need effective digital marketing strategies.

Effective Marketing Through Digital Product Launches

Earlier this year, when the car company Mitsubishi unveiled its new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander, it didn't stage the reveal at a crowded in-person event. Instead, Mitsubishi held its launch on Amazon Live, the eCommerce company's Livestream shopping platform. 

Brands are increasingly trying to turn the launch day of their products into digital events. 

ECommerce brands across a range of industries from Pet Supplies to Cosmetics have succeeded in increasing revenue and brand awareness; by crafting their own highly anticipated digital events that drive hype around their products.

Digital Marketing Strategies for a Successful Product Launch

Product development is the backbone of profitable products. A launch plan with carefully formulated digital marketing strategies is crucial to ensure a successful product launch.

Marketing plans would include activities such as an effective content marketing roadmap and social commerce press releases.

To make sure a launch is successful, brands should keep these product launch strategies in mind:

Make Sure the Timing Is Right

News moves at such a quick pace that a poorly timed launch can easily get drowned out. 

Brands should be careful not to plan a launch simultaneously as a larger competitor that could potentially overshadow them.

Define a Clear Target Audience

The most sophisticated brands create buyer personas before a product launch to map out exactly their target customer.

This helps brands optimize their ad campaign and gives insights into which platform they should use to hold a launch event.

Capture Emails Early

A targeted email marketing campaign is a powerful tool that can help build hype for an upcoming launch.

To build an email list, one strategy brands can take advantage of is creating a landing page to capture customers interested in their product's launch day. Creating a waitlist can build even more hype and curiosity around a product launch.

Robinhood is an example of how powerful a waitlist can be. They're a stock trading app that made a grand entrance by having almost a million users pre-launch.

Extra Tidbit: Brands can also use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attract more attention for their product launch and grow potential customer base.

Influencer Marketing Can Work Wonders

After market research and finding the ideal customers, brands can leverage social media marketing to boost product launch efforts.

Social media influencers and bloggers relevant to your target audience can help build hype surrounding a brand's new product.

In a case study by the Influencer Marketing Hub, businesses make an ROI of $5.78 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing.

Lean Into Live Shopping

Many brands are increasingly turning to Livestream shopping to launch their products.

NTWRK, Twitch, Amazon Live, and most recently, Pinterest TV are examples of destinations to debut a new product.

Try Out Gaming Metaverses

Fashion brands, in particular, have found success launching digital versions of their products within the video game world.

Balenciaga, for instance, recently debuted a line of backpacks and outfits in Fortnite. Many of the products went on sale in physical Balenciaga stores immediately after.

Forge Partnerships

Some brands have started partnering with major brands to debut their products.

The hot sauce brand TRUFF, for instance, recently launched a new pizza in collaboration with the delivery service GoPuff, to pool the customer base of both brands.

Build a Customer Service Strategy

A perfectly executed product launch can be unsuccessful if brands don't prepare a successful customer service strategy.

Last year, Reese Witherspoon's apparel brand Draper James promised to give select teachers free dresses. But the company of 40 employees received a deluge of 1 million applications—and, it turned out, Draper James only had 250 dresses to give away!

As the product launch date approaches, brands need to ensure their customer service strategy is in place. If brands aren't prepared for customer inquiries, the momentum could stall.

This is easily avoidable with options like Chatdesk Teams. Through Chatdesk, brands can have the following:

Schedule a demo and ensure you have the support you need on launch day!

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