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The Formula: Peyton Dix, Global Social Media Director

Naomi Lilly
May 15, 2023
Dive into the conversation with Chatdesk as we sit down with social media executive Peyton Dix to hear her story and experiences as a marketing leader.

Peyton Dix is a social and digital media expert, and writer. She has held positions as MAC Cosmetics' Global Director of Social, InStyle's Special Projects Editor (a role that was created for her), and PAPER Magazine's Head of Social Media.

Aside from producing photo shoots, conceiving and executing digital video series and partnered ads, she grew MAC Cosmetic's TikTok by over 500K followers, more than tripled the organic engagement rate at PAPER, and more than doubled that of InStyle's social. Dix has written for Elle, Bustle, Cultured, Office Magazine, InStyle, PAPER and more, profiling the likes of Gayle King, MUNA, Janelle Monae, and Maggie Rogers to name a few. She has also independently worked with brands such as Meta, Squarespace, Amazon, Glossier, and VICE Media. Her focus is on pop culture phenomenons specifically in the social and digital landscape as well as giving a voice and mainstream platform to often marginalized groups. She graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Visual Media Arts.

This episode of The Formula walks you through Peyton Dix's career journey, her experience as a marketing executive, leadership advice, and the secrets to her success.

Some of the lessons covered in the session include:

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