Duolingo's Green Owl Mascot Turns TikTok Sensation

The American edtech company Duolingo produces language learning apps and provides language certification.

Duo the Owl Goes Viral on TikTok

Duolingo TikTok's account has accumulated 4.4 million followers and 84.6 million likes and is only growing.

Through its green owl mascot becoming a viral sensation, Duolingo's following on the platform skyrocketed. This social media success, however, can be attributed to an unlikely duo: the company's social media coordinators, Zaria Parvez and Mark Pavic.

Parvez is behind the camera and the mascot's social presence, while Pavic dons the Duo costume.

Why the Company Mascot Works

Duolingo's TikTok videos are of its mascot's shenanigans. Sometimes they're set to sad Adele songs or show the mascot twerking and causing havoc in the company's office — all of which match the brand's character of making learning languages fun.

These videos are brainstormed and built around a few things that let Duolingo appeal to its audiences: trending audio on TikTok and how its role as a "language learning brand" fits into the platform's current trends.

Parvez also highlights other factors that led to Duolingo's social media success:

  • Having formulated opinions on trends and social platforms,
  • The ability to articulate why it can be impactful,
  • And empathy for your audiences.

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