Habit Skin Holds Q&A on TikTok

Habit offers spray-on SPF for easy application and reapplication. Inside learn how the product is revolutionizing sunscreen and anti-aging.

Habit Keeps Their Consumers Up-To-Date on TikTok

Based in NYC, Habit is a sunscreen company that’s been cleverly using the customer feedback they receive on TikTok to tweak their products.

Take their welcome kit as an example. They started including specific information such as:

  • The link between anti-aging and SPF
  • How to apply products

Through their comments, they also learned consumers didn't have a lot of the right information around sunscreen, so they decided to address the misinformation by creating Sunscreen 101 TikToks.

They were so popular that the brand put a Q&A feature on its TikTok profile. They’re even planning to make it a part of their website. Their TikTok account now has 382.6k engaged followers.

Habit Skin encourages the audience to ask questions about its products.

Why Habit's campaign worked

  • These changes provided Habit with an opportunity to establish a direct line of communication with their customers.
  • They can make product changes according to customer needs and preferences.
  • They’re also able to educate existing and potential customers about their sunscreen, which can help establish some awareness.
  • Currently, Habit also has a running deck of customer product requests made from the app.

Source: Digiday

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