Ryanair Comedic TikTok Content

Ryanair DAC is an Irish ultra low-cost carrier. The airline’s value proposition is its affordability.

Ryanair’s Comedic TikTok Presence Wins Over Viewers

For Ryanair’s TikTok presence, the key element that makes the airline stand out is its ability to turn jokes and criticisms of low-cost airlines into comedic content.

Ryanair owns up to the fact that it doesn’t offer luxury service and isn’t as comfortable as pricier airlines. They shamelessly post TikTok videos that highlight areas where their services are lacking, such as the tight legroom and absence of inflight entertainment, but do it in a humorous manner.

In this post, Ryanair pokes fun at those who say they’ll never fly with the airline.

Why Ryanair's Approach Works

Ryanair shows self-awareness by getting in on the joke. Ryanair also builds trust by showing their customers that the airline actively listens to them.

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