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How a Fintech Scaled Customer Support While Guaranteeing Data Privacy and Security

Joseph Unson
May 5, 2022
Financial technology provider HMBradley turned to Chatdesk Teams to improve customer satisfaction, drive signups, and grow deposits.

An Introduction to HMBradley

HMBradley is an online neobank. Unlike traditional financial institutions, HMBradley is a type of direct bank that operates their business model exclusively online without physical branches. It offers bankers the following financial services and products:

Despite offering amazing tailored products and services, HMBradley faced a challenge common among financial technology companies: scaling their customer support.

How Fintech Companies Benefit From Scaling Customer Support

Before expounding on why Fintech startups find scaling customer service challenging, let’s talk about its importance.

HMBradley’s Goals

HMBradley had some specific objectives they wanted to achieve:

Fintech Companies

For the general context, here’s why having great customer service works for the betterment of Fintechs:

Why Scaling Customer Support is Challenging

Here’s why scaling customer service is difficult for HMBradley and other Fintech companies. There are two primary reasons I'd like to cover.

The first issue is data privacy and security. In the Fintech industry, you work with the following:

Addressing this cybersecurity issue, both for HMBradley and its customers, is of utmost importance!  

The second reason is having a large customer service team is expensive. Scaling customer service isn’t financially practical, especially when you’re still growing your customer base!

These were huge hurdles, but HMBradley found an answer to address those concerns.

HMBradley’s Solution: Chatdesk Teams

Chatdesk Teams is a solution that - by leveraging a combination of artificial intelligence, a bit of automation, and human support - helped HMBradley scale their customer service capabilities.

How Did Chatdesk Teams Help?

First off, Chatdesk Teams is highly-affordable. HMBradley easily saves $1-3 per ticket!

Another key factor is Chatdesk Teams’ capability of providing real-time human responses (not chatbots) 24/7, even on social media. HMBradley could even get Chatdesk Experts who were not only their Superfans, but also Fintech Experts!

Chatdesk also provided HMBradley a convenient solution to scale their customer service capacity. There was no dev work needed and Chatdesk handled all the hiring, training, and scheduling for them!

Sample conversation handled by Chatdesk.

What About Data Privacy and Security?

HMBradley and their customers’ data is kept private and secure by Chatdesk through the following measures:

Chatdesk’s Impact

As for their impact on HMBradley, here are some concrete examples:

HMBradley’s case is a great example of how Chatdesk can help Fintechs overcome one of their common obstacles. If you’re facing the same challenge - whether you're a Fintech, a small business, or a retailer - you can see for yourself how Chatdesk works by simply scheduling a demo!

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