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How Chatdesk Matched Fable's Unique Brand Voice From Day One

By Chelsea Verstegen
May 5, 2022
Fable Pets wanted to be able to offer 24/7 customer support and social media monitoring across Zendesk email, Facebook and Instagram comments

The innovators at Fable are constantly pushing the envelope on what consumers should expect for their pets. They’re all about making their customers’ lives easier, with simply designed and function-forward products that are created using ethical practices and quality materials. There’s not a segment of customer loyalty that Fable hasn’t optimized, and that includes enlisting Chatdesk to support their Customer Service team.

Providing fast responses across Facebook, Instagram and Email

Fable Pets Facebook comments Chatdesk Teams responses

Fable Pets wanted to be able to offer around-the-clock customer support and social media monitoring. With thousands of Instagram followers, that’s no easy feat. Chatdesk is able to provide Fable Pets with 24/7 customer assistance on their social media channels as well as their email, by enlisting Fable’s biggest brand advocates from across the US to answer everything from order status inquiries to pre- and post-sale questions.

It's important for a thriving company like Fable Pets to be able to grow their audience while maintaining amazing customer service.

Sophie Bakalar, Fable Co-Founder, reflected on how Chatdesk has made that possible for her company.

“Chatdesk has been invaluable as we scale our business. Amazing customer service is a pillar of our brand and they’ve enabled us to provide tailored responses extremely quickly with enough flexibility to maintain our unique voice.” 

Perfectly matching Fable’s brand voice

Fable Pets’ social audience is incredibly active and often asks product-related questions before completing a purchase. With a brand tone as unique as their mission, it’s crucial that when customers receive a response online, they are greeted with the same warmth and personalization that they’ve come to expect from Fable Pets. Since Chatdesk was implemented, Fable Pets have received a 100% CSAT score, with over 90% of tickets solved by the Chatdesk experts.

Chatdesk Impact for Fable 100% CSAT 90%+ tickets solved by Chatdesk Team

Easily integrates with existing tools like Zendesk, Shopify and Slack

As an ecommerce site, Fable utilizes other tech tools to make their operations run smoothly. Chatdesk integrates with their CRM software, Shopify platform, and social channels to provide one solution for customer support and analysis. Additionally, Chatdesk connected with the Fable Pets’ Slack to make sure Sophie is alerted when more complex issues arise that may require her attention. 

Fable also uses Chatdesk Trends for automatic tagging of customer questions and inquiries, as well as collecting insights to drive more awareness around product or partner improvements. 

Chatdesk Trends Automatic Analysis of Customer feedback

Launch in days

All in all, Sophie and the Fable Pets team were able to get up and running with Chatdesk in just a few days. Here’s how. 

Fable Pets Instagram comments responded to by Chatdesk

Additional benefits

Now, when Sophie launches new products or shipping delays occur, Chatdesk’s responses are automatically updated to mirror the brand sentiment with the parameters Sophie put in place. Moreover, Chatdesk encourages customers to subscribe to mailing lists or check out other products if the one they’re looking for is out of stock, further driving conversions. And Fable Pets and Chatdesk have regular meetings to share feedback and discuss changes and opportunities for the business. 

If you’re interested in trying out Chatdesk, you can request a demo below.

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