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Social Media Conversion Rate Benchmarks (and How to Beat Them)

Michael Waters
June 29, 2022
In order to maximize your social advertising dollars, you can't set your campaign and forget it. Keep testing - and start with these tactics first.

If you run an ad campaign, or if you invest in organic content on social media, you’ll not only want to know if your campaign met its objective, you'll also be curious if it was above, at or below industry average. Conversion rates are the performance metrics that keep you honest. Depending on the brand, a “conversion” might mean a viewer visiting your website, subscribing to your newsletter, adding an item to their cart, or actually making a purchase. 

But measuring conversions is complicated—and it depends a lot on what you are trying to achieve. 

Good social media conversion rate benchmarks for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok

In general, you could say the average conversion rate for a social media marketing campaign is 3%, but that average is not a one-size fits all approach. It depends on how you define a conversion and the social platform you’re using. 

These discrepancies in conversion rate show why Facebook and Instagram, despite the growing challenge from TikTok, still remain the dominant social commerce platforms. 

In 2021, Facebook and Instagram accounted for 56% of all online shopping traffic from social media, according to MikMak. TikTok, by contrast, had just 10% of all social commerce traffic. 

Benchmarks for social advertising ads

How do you increase your conversion rate to make advertising dollars go further?

Here are the most effective activities to try to boost social media conversions:

  1. Respond to customer inquiries in the comments and DMs. This is going to be the easiest and most foolproof way to guarantee higher ad conversion rates. It's also often the most overlooked. Remember when you shopped in-person, there would be a sales representative to answer any questions you have about the products? This is the equivalent of that in the e-commerce world. Shoppers will often take to social media comments to ask questions about your products or return policies. All you have to do is respond to them (or get someone else to) to increase your conversion rate. There’s plenty of evidence that integrating your customer service team with your social media increases sales: Customers buy between 20% and 40% more from businesses that offer customer service on social media versus those that do not.

When you work with Chatdesk, our flexible support teams can talk to customers wherever they are, whether it’s in the TikTok comments, Instagram DMs, or in a live chat on your brand’s website. Chatdesk’s flexible approach means that our team members can answer customer questions as they come in, depending on your needs.

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But conversion rate is not one-size-fits-all

Your conversion rate can vary not just based on the social platform you’re using, but it can also depend on…

In the end, if you want to evaluate the success of your social media presence, you should measure your brand against similarly sized competitors in your same product category. Comparing your conversion rate to a general number for Instagram or TikTok won’t actually give you a clear picture.

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How valuable is the conversion rate? 

Conversion rates can represent an important indicator of how effective your social media spend is. But looking at conversion rate alone can be a mistake. 

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