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How Mented Cosmetics Increased Their Social Media Conversion Rate Through 24/7 Customer Support

By Chelsea Verstegen
April 27, 2022
Increase conversions on Social Media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by 10%+ with 24/7 customer support and 70% faster responses with Chatdesk

Mented Cosmetics, a Chatdesk customer, is seeking to make the beauty industry more inclusive by creating makeup shades that suit all skin tones, but cater specifically toward women of color. The cosmetic company is taking the industry by storm by offering all women the chance to find themselves in the beauty world. Without a physical store that customers can visit to try out their products, Mented relies heavily on their great customer service team and Chatdesk Experts to increase conversions on their social media platforms.

When Mented answers product-related questions on social media, the company shares product links that are trackable using Mented is able to see conversion traffic sources, and can detect how often a social post click-through results in a sale. Oftentimes, social media marketing for ecommerce sites results in minimal ROI. However, since partnering with Chatdesk, Mented has seen over a 10% increase in monthly revenue from their social platforms. Here’s how it happened.

Chatdesk Impact for Mented Cosmetics 10%+ monthly revenue from social platforms

Why Mented Chose Chatdesk

The beauty brand was looking to increase brand loyalty with 24/7 support across their Facebook and Twitter platforms, as well as increase conversions by providing quick responses to pre-sale questions and comments on Facebook Ads.

Increasing their sales conversion rate, or the percentage of website or landing page visitors that convert as a result of a social media post, was important to all aspects of their organization. Chandra Cooks, the Marketing Director at Mented Cosmetics, outlined the greatest benefits in partnering with Chatdesk.

“Chatdesk has been a great partner for us. They’ve proven to help increase our organic revenue MoM by driving conversion on pre-sales, and we are able to provide a best in class service across our channels”

Chatdesk found brand Superfans to respond to Mented’s customer messages, and with machine learning, their newly appointed Experts were able to respond perfectly on brand from day one, which proved instantly successful for Mented’s average conversion rate and digital marketing strategy.

How Increasing Social Media Responses Led to More Sales

Mented Cosmetics receives around-the-clock product inquiries from customers looking for help regarding product availability or makeup shade suggestions. Mented wants to make sure their customers are met with quick responses and warm replies anytime they reach out to the brand, and with Chatdesk, it’s effortless.

Mented Cosmetics Chatdesk response on Facebook Ad Comments
Customer pre-sales question on Facebook and Chatdesk response

Additionally, Mented sees a high number of post-sale comments on their social networks that rave about their high-quality products. On their own, these testimonials reflect positively on their brand as they directly communicate to their target audience. But it’s also important that Mented responds, reposts, and retweets these comments to encourage more positive posts, which oftentimes results in higher conversion rates. 

Responding to positive comments shows their current and potential customers that they’re extremely valuable to the company, and encourages brand awareness and engagement. And reposting user-generated content has been an essential part of Mented’s marketing strategy and lead generation, as customers are always looking for social proof. 

There is the occasional social media post from a customer about a damaged product or a request for refund, and Chatdesk responds to these, too, with the intent of turning the situation into a great customer experience. Chatdesk Experts are able to monitor these types of comments, move discussions to private direct messages when necessary, and solve the customer issue ASAP. If you want to learn more about the importance of comment moderation, check out this article.

Why Chatdesk is a No-Brainer for Conversion Rate Optimization

Chatdesk Teams Return on Investment

Chatdesk has helped Mented achieve a good conversion rate, but there are plenty of other reasons why choosing Chatdesk is a no-brainer. With Chatdesk, there’s no commitment — we offer pay-as-you-go plans that are based on successfully solving a ticket. Chatdesk easily compliments your sales, support, and marketing efforts and greatly impacts your overall business goals. Here’s a few ways Chatdesk stands out among its competitors:

Lastly, Chatdesk easily pays for itself. For example, if your average order value is $50, you’d make $2,000 from responding to 40 pre-sale questions. That means you’re spending $99 to make $2,000, and even if only 10% of the tickets end up converting to sales, you still make $200 — a 102% Return on Investment (ROI).

Chatdesk has the ability to boost your social media ROI while saving your team members valuable time. If you’re interested in seeing Chatdesk in action, you can schedule a demo below.

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