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How Health and Wellness Brands Can Go Viral on #FitTok

Michael Waters
January 6, 2022
Health and wellness has become so huge on TikTok that it has spawned its nickname: FitTok. Here's how brands can maximize this new fitness trend.

Tiktok Fitness Trends Are Taking Over

TikTok recently crossed 1 billion monthly active users and is quickly taking over as the #1 social platform for health & wellness brands to thrive. Health and wellness have become such a successful category on the social media platform that it has spawned its nickname: FitTok.

The hashtag #FitTok, which is teeming with videos of people demonstrating exercise routines, sharing healthy recipes, or explaining the science of how muscle growth happens, has been viewed over 8.1 billion times on the app.

Health & Wellness brands partner with #FitTok influencers to gain more visibility. (Image from GymShark)

Why Tiktok Videos Effectively Cultivate Health Trends

FitTok is taking off because it is well-suited for home fitness, which is especially trendy due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

TikTok is flooded with short videos of workout routines from health professionals spreading their fitness knowledge and proper exercise. 

How Fitness Brands Can Maximize Tiktok's Workout Trends

Health and fitness brands should not miss out on FitTok. Here are some tips for how they can get started: 

1.) Partner With Fitness Influencers

Fitness Influencer Antonie Lokhorst (Image from Men's Health)

#FitTok influencers have often gone viral for posting videos of products that can help improve exercise. One viral video of a weighted hula hoop that lets people get more out of hula hooping racked up 65k+ likes on the platform.

A successful influencer video showcasing a brand's innovative product can drive immediate sales.

2.) Know the Subcultures of #FitTok

#FitTok has a few of its motifs, including tips and exercises for "shy girls" new to the gym. One popular video demonstrates stationary workouts that people new to fitness can feel comfortable accomplishing.

3.) Think Outside the Box

#FitTok isn't just videos of people working out at a gym. There are videos of people hiking, exercising on trampolines, and cycling through workout routines at home without equipment.

Doing home workouts without equipment entails using one's body weight. It could be as simple as push-ups, as viral as an ab workout like the plank challenge, or even as complicated as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for cardio and fat loss.

Other videos are more focused on education. The TikToker NathalieCFit has a multi-part series, "How to navigate the gym," that takes new gym-goers through the different machines and offers tips on how to start using them.

Brands should consider posting education-oriented content, focusing on different fitness goals specific to their product, like bodybuilding and weight loss. Brands can share tips such as picking the right supplements or the proper diet for losing excess belly fat.

Chatdesk client, FitFighter, uses TikTok to demonstrate the different ways to exercise with their products.

4.) Stay Away From Harmful TikTok Trends

TikTok is undoubtedly effective at catapulting exercise regimens to viral heights, but not all of those viral exercises are necessarily useful. Some of them can be fads you should avoid.

When a hip thrust exercise went viral in May 2021, fitness professionals quickly warned TikTok users that the dance didn't have many benefits and could be harmful. Before hopping on specific trends, ensure you do your research.

5.) Be Ready to Answer Questions in the TikTok Comments

Chatdesk believes that good customer service meets people where they are. Working with Chatdesk Teams ensures that your customer service representatives will be ready to respond to people who ask questions in the comments.

Chatdesk's Experts have access to a constantly-growing, on-brand knowledge of your health & wellness brand thanks to our technology.

Want to witness how Chatdesk can help you keep up with the #FitTok trend? Just schedule a demo here!

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