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Why Chatdesk is providing free customer service to small businesses

by Andrew Olaleye
October 24, 2020
Small businesses with < 25 employees will receive one free month of customer support with Chatdesk Teams, our on-demand support platform

Closed sign for small business

We recently had a difficult conversation with a customer of ours, a fast-growing womens fashion brand. The current COVID-19 pandemic forced them to make some tough decisions, including significant layoffs of their customer support team. The sad truth is that these types of conversations will continue to happen in the coming months. 

When we founded Chatdesk in the fall of 2016, our CEO spoke about the next phase of our lives - working on an important global problem in an area: creating lots of jobs

Currently, the US real unemployment rate is above 20% (33 million unemployed) — which would be the highest level since the Great Depression. Parents are struggling to provide for their families, while abiding by the many stay-at-home measures across the country. 

Weekly initial unemployment claims in 2020

To make things worse, companies are overwhelmed with unanswered calls, emails, Facebook messages and Tweets, but can’t afford to hire people to help their customers when they need them most. We work with many small businesses and understand the importance of reassuring your customers through excellent service. 

Our team at Chatdesk wants to help. 

Three small businesses with under 25 employees will receive one free month of customer support with Chatdesk Teams, our on-demand support platform that leverages superfans of your brand. No integration or training is needed.

Leading brands such as Kidbox, Mented Cosmetics, and Whistle use our platform to increase sales conversion by up to 15% by quickly responding to customer questions across their channels (e.g., Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

To enter, please follow the following instructions:

The deadline to tweet your submission is 10pm EST on May 18th    

Chatdesk small business competition instructions

We will select 5 finalists and share their story with the public to vote for the three winners on Twitter. The other two finalists will get a free customer experience diagnostic and other solutions to help their business. 

For more information, please send us a DM on Twitter. Looking forward to hearing your stories! 

- Team Chatdesk

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