Gorgias is the ecommerce helpdesk that turns your customer service into a profit center.
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What is Gorgias?

Gorgias helps independent E-commerce brands with a Shopify store or Magento store turn their support tickets into a profit center. By centralizing customer interactions and delivering automation of responses to repetitive questions, your support agents will become sales associates who spend more time on meaningful, profitable interactions with customers.

Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms and Gorgias is a Shopify plus partner. The Gorgias team has developed a deep integration for Shopify merchants, Gorgias allows you to pull customer data from your ecommerce stores into your helpdesk, so that agents can more easily access it. They have functionality in the sidebar that allows you to view order information, edit shipping information for your Shopify customer, use templates, view metrics, adjust tags, and refund orders, and create very helpful rules and macros. Have all your customer's data displayed when you're talking to them. Edit orders, modify subscriptions, and refund payments without leaving your helpdesk. You can install the Gorgias app from their website or install Gorgias from the Shopify app store.

Faster Response Time for Gorgias Chat and Email

If you receive large volumes of chat and email in your Gorgias account, it becomes difficult to respond to all the messages particularly during after hours and peak times. Chatdesk Teams helps brands respond faster to all their chat campaigns and customer messages and drive conversions by 10%+.

All the responses perfectly match your brand voice from day one which helps to enhance your customer experience. There is full customization of the ticket types you would like your Chatdesk team to work on.

The Chatdesk app for Gorgias is an official third party Gorgias integration. There is no dev work needed. For the setup, just go to Gorgias.com and visit your settings. Then you can use a Gorgias API key and the http integrations as well as the Gorgias REST API to send a JSON  webhook to Chatdesk.

Chatdesk handles all the hiring and scheduling of your agents and takes them through tutorials of your workflow. Chatdesk Experts are agents who match your customer profile as well as existing customers or industry enthusiasts who are excited to grow your brand. When a new ticket comes into your Gorgias, Chatdesk Teams helps you to provide fast responses.

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Deflect Calls From Your Call Center to Gorgias Live Chat Widget

If your ecommerce business receives a high volume of calls into your customer service team, you can use Chatdesk Shift to deflect the calls to your Gorgias chat or other messaging channels while improving your customer satisfaction. Chatdesk Shift helps you reduce both your inbound call volume and your cost per call. For example if you use Aircall for your phone system, you can deflect those calls to Chat and Self Service.

Chatdesk Shift is a low cost solution that lets your customer support team scale efficiently by shifting calls to lower cost channels. e.g. live chat, SMS, and social media like Facebook Messenger. In these channels, your customer service agents are able to quickly handle large volumes of tickets, reducing wait times for customers.

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Automatic Analysis of Customer Feedback in Gorgias Chat and Email

If you receive large volumes of chat and email and customer reviews on your online store, it becomes difficult to analyze all customer interactions with your brand. Chatdesk Trends helps Gorgias users manage increasing customer engagement by automatically tagging all customer feedback in one place.

Chatdesk Trends provides automatic tagging in real-time that enables you to get fast granular insights for increasing conversions, driving self service and increasing repeat sales.

The Chatdesk Trends dashboard delivers 90%+ average tagging accuracy across 70+ tags for your business. It’ll scan through conversations and open-ended feedback to surface trends on product issues, and pricing, just to name a few.

With this integration, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Filter feedback by date, channel, product, and sentiment to make informed decisions and drive business impact
  • Compare customer feedback across various channels, including CSAT/NPS surveys, email, chat, social media messages and comments on Ads, Amazon reviews and Yotpo reviews
  • Segment by product defects, shipping issues, top reasons for contact, and other company-specific custom tags
  • Reduce contact volume to your support team, improve self service for your customers, make product merchandising improvements, and increase repeat sales of your product or service

Additionally, you can launch your Free Trends dashboard in minutes. Trends connects to the Gorgias API and no dev work is needed.

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