INSIDE by Powerfront
Live Chat, Messaging & AI for Luxury Brands with a focus on fun and gamification for agent increasing their efficiency and ROI.
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Whats is INSIDE by Powerfront?

INSIDE’s omnichannel customer service software carries the customers context through to every conversation. Real-time actionable insights across chat, email, SMS and social media messages. With INSIDE your agents can see your online customer, see their journey, see it as if they were standing right in front of you. Agents can also see Customer Journey, History, Purchases, Forms, Searches and Basket.

INSIDE by Powerfront is recognized as one of the leading ecommerce live chat software solutions by luxury retailers. Their omnichannel solution includes a highly engaging agent dashboard that leverages the power of data visualization across multiple channels. The platform aims to mimic face to face interactions, allowing your agents to react and understand your customer requests as quickly as possible. Managers can visually locate the engagements that require attention or escalation.

Automatic analysis of customer feedback from INSIDE by Powerfront

If you receive a high volume of chats, emails or social media messages in your Powefront system, it becomes difficult to analyze all the customer feedback. You can use Chatdesk Trends to automatically analyze all the customer feedback in one place.

This can help save time on your Voice of Customer reporting and get fast insights for increasing conversions, driving self service and increasing repeat sales.

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