Olark makes it easy to add live chat to your website and provide instantaneous support to your users and get valuable feedback from them about your site.
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What is Olark?

Live chat is a great tool for offering that nearly instant help. Whether customers are having trouble or someone browsing your site has questions about your products, they can get in touch with your team just by tapping a Chat button. And with Olark, adding that chat button to your site is simple.

Olark is a live chat tool for your site that's focused on helping you answer people's questions in real-time. It's not a full helpdesk—you'll need another app for email support and your knowledge base. But it's perfect for adding chat to your site. Just paste its embed code into your site, or install its extension into your CMS or eCommerce platform, and you'll have a live chat button on your site in minutes. It works on most sites—even hosted platforms like Shopify and Squarespace. You can then customize Olark to match your site's theme, with a light or dark background, button or tab for the chat box, and a color theme that fits into your site. It even includes holiday themes to add some extra cheer to your site during December, if you'd like.

Olark includes everything you need to take care of your customers in real-time, using any chat app you want. Connect it to the other tools you use for support and marketing, and it'll help your team answer questions more efficiently.

Olark Use Cases with Chatdesk

Chatdesk Shift allows you to easily integrate Live Chat software into their customer support experience. You can provide proactive support by deflecting voice calls onto online customer tools such as Olark.

Automatic Analysis of Olark Chat

The Chatdesk Shift dashboard allows you to easily track calls shifted to your live chat software. It provides realtime analysis of calls shifted into Olark Chat.

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