Narvar is a customer experience platform that helps retailers inspire long-term customer loyalty, at all steps of the post-purchase journey.
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What is Narvar?

Narvar is a platform designed to drive long-term customer loyalty for your brand. It allows you to provide accurate pre-purchase delivery prediction, branded package tracking, seamless returns and exchanges. From the moment the order is placed till the second it reaches the  buyer's doorstep, you give customers a level of transparency that establishes greater trust between you and your customers.

Deflect calls to Narvar with Chatdesk Shift

Calls from customers requesting their order status can congest your phone lines and increase wait times. Chatdesk Shift works with Narvar to guide customers to self-service pages where they can view their shipment status at the push of a button, providing a cost-effective way to reduce inbound call volume and increase customer satisfaction. This helps customer service agents increase their First Contact Resolution (FCR), while reducing wait-times, repeat calls, and average handling time.

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Use Cases with Chatdesk Teams

Chatdesk Teams helps you seamlessly respond to order status request from any channel without delay. Chatdesk Teams is a solution that connects customer support experts with all your customer engagement platforms to help address customer needs. Our solution allows Narvar users to scale their customer support efficiently, including after work hours and during holidays.  Our experts can start providing personalized customer responses that match the brand's voice immediately, helping you driving conversion and improve customer loyalty.

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