ASOS is a British online fashion retailer that sells over 850 brands and ships worldwide. ASOS wanted a campaign that would raise brand awareness and engagement among digital natives, which made TikTok the perfect platform.

How the #AySauceChallenge Brought Together ASOS Fashion Fans

With the help of Byte, ASOS launched the #AySauceChallenge which invites the community and fashion fans to "channel their Asos vibe", express their style and creativity by posting their 3 best outfits over the course of three weeks.

The TikToks were set to bespoke music and an interactive augmented reality (AR) branded effect. ASOS also worked with popular creators in the UK and US to kick-off the challenge and attract users to follow their example.

Noah Beck TikTok influencer joins the #AySauceChallenge

The Results

  • The hashtag #aysaucechallenge now has 2.5 Billion views
  • ASOS was able to engage with users on a very large scale

Why the campaign worked

  • The campaign allowed users to be creative and have fun
  • Working with a lot of creators also allowed ASOS to tap into a huge combined following

Source: TikTok

Sample TikTok Post

Posted by Noah Beck, an American social media personality.

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