Flicker, Flash, Flare TikTok Strategy

Crocs is an American footwear brand that was able to make its resurgence thanks to TikTok’s flicker, flash, flare content strategy. Currently, the brand has over 552 thousand followers and 3.1 million likes on the platform.

Flicker, Flash, Flare: How It Works

Here’s a quick breakdown of the strategy Crocs used:

  • Flicker content: This involves creating reactive content that maximizes community engagement. It compels people to participate in trends like hashtags, memes, etc.
Crocs utilized the OH NA NA NA dance challenge, showing healthcare workers dancing in their Crocs.
  • Flash content entails creating planned/episodic content that highlights a brand’s product. It makes use of recurring storylines or formats.
Crocs posted a TikTok with Justin Bieber to highlight its JBxCrocs.
  • Flare content: Crocs uses its Flare strategy to promote more extensive campaigns. The primary purpose is to inspire the creation of UGC through hashtag challenges and the like — complemented by collaborations with influencers. Crocs created the #StrapBack challenge to promote its partnership with Afterpay. Crocs hired influencers to create content highlighting Crocs' affordability, asking viewers to create their own.
The campaign earned 7.2 billion views.

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