Lexxola is a unisex eyewear brand launched by Zane Saleh in 2019. The brand’s eyewear is designed for city life and now a staple among Gen Z’s “it” crowd—whose members also share Lexxola’s eyewear on TikTok.

The brand follows a Gen Z-friendly business model involving direct collaboration with their customers. This community-driven way of creating different styles is a process that can reshape fashion retail.

TikToker encourages views to check out Lexxola dupes and tags the brand.

Why Lexxola's Community-Drive Model Works

Having a community-driven model encourages active engagement from Lexxola’s customers. Customers share on social media their personal styles while wearing the brand’s eyewear.

It not only attracts interest from potential customers, but also motivates existing customers to be actively involved with the brand.

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