Pair Eyewear Hashtag Strategy Takes Over TikTok

Pair Eyewear is a glasses company that’s been using TikTok to answer quick customer service questions. They cover concerns such as:

  • Shipping policies
  • If glasses come in progressive lenses
Pair Eyewear replied to a person that asked a question about #progressivelenses on their TikTok post (@coconita61)

Pair Eyewear's Hashtag Strategy to Connect with Consumers

Pair eyewear answers questions for existing and potential customers through their posts and educates them about the products (gives some tips, speaks about the prices of their frames, etc.). It also sparks some interest from people who view their posts.

Customers of Pair Eyewear use the hashtags #PAIREyewear and #WearPAIR to show off their style in Pair Eyewear glasses. The brand uses hashtags such as #progressivelenses and #glasses to engage consumers and help provide knowledge about glasses options.

The eyewear brand launched The Larkin glasses style. They encouraged buyers of The Larkin glasses to show off their new look and tag #TheLarkin. This hashtag campaign helped boost sales for The Larkin glasses; the hashtag has now gained over 2.5 million views on TikTok.

Source: Digiday

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