Plum Helps Consumers Save With TikTok Challenge

Plum is a UK-based fintech company that created an “AI assistant” that helps users automatically save and invest their money.

Plum Helped Consumers Save on TikTok

Pum started a 52-week savings TikTok challenge for their campaign, partnering with finance influencers to spread awareness.

The challenge involved Plums’ app saving money from the user’s linked bank account. For week one, it would keep £1 and £2 for week two until users’ savings piled up to £1,300 with them not feeling much of an impact.

Example of @mrtradingrobot's TikTok caption endorsing Plum.

Why This Campaign Worked

Partnering with finance influencers like @mrtradingrobot helped Plum access an audience that naturally thought about saving more money. The company also entered TikTok early, helping them achieve growth in the 25-34 age demographic.

The timing of their debut, which was right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, also helped. More people were not only using TikTok but also looking to save more money.

The format perfectly fits Plum’s target audience on TikTok, with Gen Z loving participation-based marketing.

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