#TallyUp TikTok Campaign

Tally is a fintech company that specializes in full-service financial automation. It built the first automated debt manager and creates apps for automated savings. Their aim is to help people overcome credit card debt and ease personal financial management.

What was the #Tallyup Campaign?

Through TikTok, Tally runs sponsored videos through deals with creators and its self-serve ad platform. The company found that promoting its Tally app and getting users to download it was 300% cheaper on TikTok compared to Instagram.

TikTok influencer @marrkadams used #Tallyup hashtag in TikTok post.

Why the #TallyUp Campaign Worked

Tally used the campaign-specific hashtag #tallyup to help TikTok users find the company’s campaign. By having creators post videos around trending themes, hashtags, and credit card debt-oriented messaging, they were able to easily reach TikTok’s younger demographics.

Additionally, by assigning age and geo-targeting filters, Tally also ensured that its campaign was reaching adults living in the states it was operating. This allowed them to hire a wider range of influencers who had larger audiences and higher engagement rates.

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