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Plant-Based Nutrition Brand Vega, Uses Chatdesk to Scale Their Support Efficiently

Joseph Unson
January 5, 2022
Being the #1 brand of plant-based protein powders brought customer support challenges for Vega. Here's how they overcame their problems efficiently.
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Vega: The Best Plant-Based Nutrition Brand

Vega is the #1 brand of plant-based protein powders. They produce some of the best vegan protein powders and bars that use various natural flavors—like vanilla bean. Vega, to date, has expanded their product lines to include:

Benefits of Vega's Plant-Based Products

Here's what you can expect from Vega's various protein blends:

Better Health

Diets consisting of plant-based, high-protein sources—like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and quinoa—also provide nutrients such as essential amino acids and calcium.

Plant-based ingredients promote improved overall well-being, complementing fitness goals such as weight loss.

Plant-based products are low in carbs and a great source of collagen. Others have antioxidant properties and mix well with digestive enzymes or probiotics. 


Plant-based products, such as organic plant protein powder, require less natural resources. The production of whey protein powder, which uses animal products, consumes more.

Improved Performance

Athletes whose protein intakes or general diets consist of plant-based sources have shown that it improves athleticism. Vega's founder, Brendan Brazier, was a former professional triathlete and looked to plant-based supplements for improved performance.


Vega's Promise

The brand is always transparent about the quality and ingredients in its products. To demonstrate that commitment, Vega always makes sure to include dietary labels:

 The brand's vegan protein powders and bars are non-GMO, dairy-free/lactose-free, and contain no artificial sweeteners in addition to being certified by USDA organic.


A Look at Vega's Products

Vega's ingredient lists in their protein supplements consist of various superfoods, single-source, and complete protein sources such as:

 Their powders and bars also come in different serving sizes and have plain, unsweetened (unflavored) or soy-free options. Here are some of the company's best-sellers:

Vega's products also cater to the following:

Different Customer Goals

Various Dietary Preferences


Where You Can Find Vega

You can easily purchase Vega's certified organic protein powders and bars online via their website. They're also available at these online and physical retailers:

Vega's Problem

Being the #1 plant-based protein powder brand has its challenges. Vega receives a high volume of phone calls, especially during these instances:

Keeping up with the sudden influx of calls was difficult.  needed a solution to scale customer support, deflect calls to self-service options, and reduce costs.

Vega's Streamlined Solution

Vega found everything they needed through Chatdesk. Chatdesk allows Vega to deflect phone calls to more efficient channels like chat, self-service order status, and self-service returns.

Chatdesk enabled Vega to do the following:


Scaling customer support with Chatdesk is unbelievably efficient. You can launch in one day, all with zero dev work or set up time, and instantly sync with existing phone numbers, IVR systems, support tools, and messaging channels.

Chatdesk drove results for Vega. Schedule a demo here to see how Chatdesk can work for your brand.

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