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Upcoming Events — CCW Sessions Focused On Chatbots And AI

June 11, 2020
A great way for participants to interact and share thoughts on how technology such as machine learning can help support agents become more efficient.
Source: Customer Contact Week

We love sharing industry events with our community that are worth attending. One that we’re excited to be attending is Customer Contact Week’s (CCW), “Deliver World-Class Service with Speed & Delivery” on January 22–25.

Here are two must-see sessions from their upcoming conference that we are looking forward to:

1. Finding the Balance Between Bots and Humans

Why we’re excited: CCW is launching this session as an Interactive Discussion Group. Delegates will be sorted into groups of 20, encouraging an intimate conversation around topics, compared to the lecture format at most conferences.

This is a great way for participants to interact with each other and share thoughts on how technology such as machine learning can help support agents become more efficient.

Why should you care: Although lots of industry events discuss the rise of chatbots, we are big fans around the use of technology to automate transactional tasks and assist support agents. Adobe has been at the forefront of AI and machine learning technology, which should provide a glimpse into future use cases for various companies.

Who should attend:

2. Chatbot: Keep your Focus on the Business Value and Impact

Why we’re excited: This workshop combines technology experts and customer experience leaders to focus on solving real business problems through chatbots.

Interesting business cases: We’re fascinated to see how chatbots are helping complex companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb in addressing their business opportunities. Given the sensitivity of information in the pharma/healthcare industry, Priya and Joe should provide necessary considerations to safeguard customer data.

Innovative approaches to AI: Most chatbot use cases focus on support, but Eyal and Scott will discuss how their teams at Mya and Fishbat Media are tackling other use cases such as job recruiting and customer conversion.

Why should you care: Compared to other chatbot sessions that can be too high-level, this workshop will focus on the nuts and bolts of the following:

Who should attend:

Here is a full course lineup for those interested in other sessions focused on AI, Chatbots and Machine Learning.

Interested in attending? Click the following link to register and get a 20% discount off current price on registration with the code: 2018CCWW_CHATDESK?

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