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Chatdesk Shift gave us the ability to shift mobile callers to chat. This significantly reduces wait time for our customers and has been a great customer experience!”
Susan Campbell
Director of Customer Experience

Chatdesk Teams helps us achieve 90+ NPS and has significantly reduced our customer support costs.”
Kevin Nester
Director of Customer Experience
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Chatdesk Trends makes our reporting much faster and easier. The Chatdesk team was also very helpful in customizing the dashboard to meet the unique needs of our business.”
Erin Garrity
Director of Customer Service

“We want to be able to engage with customers even when they're on the go. Chatdesk Shift has given us the ability keep the conversation going and engage with our customers wherever they are.”
Bridgette Clare
Customer Experience Team Manager

“Before Chatdesk Trends, I had challenges understanding real time drivers and customer impact. Chatdesk provides a lens in which to view customer driven issues along with customers emotional impact.”
Enoch Owen
Director of Customer Care

Apparel & Fashion
“Our highest Customer Satisfaction scores come from Text and Facebook Messenger. Chatdesk Shift gives us the opportunity to provide a seamless shift from phone to the those channels. Through Chatdesk Shift, we are improving our experience, and saving on operational costs.”
Hernan Giraldo
VP of Customer Experience Ops
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“We receive a lot of calls during our peak season e.g. new product launch or promotion. Chatdesk Shift allows our customers to get access to our return portal right away or connect via chat if that is more comfortable for them. We've been able to respond to our customers more quickly, and this helps us to increase customer happiness.”
Cristi Silva
Customer Experience Manager

Apparel & Fashion
Chatdesk Shift was able to reduce the high volume of lengthy phone calls, which were an inefficient use of time for our team.”
Rachel Scoffield
Head of Customer Experience

PRINTING & Stationery
Chatdesk Shift helps us reduce our call volume and increase the usage of our mobile app by shifting calls over to the app. We were able to get up and running very quickly without any development, just minor settings changes.”
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Krista Smith
Concierge Center Manager

“Factor is growing very quickly, which has meant an increase in the number of questions and comments we receive on Facebook and Instagram outside of business hours. Many of the comments are pre-sale questions and excellent conversion opportunities. With Chatdesk Teams, we've been able to ensure that these comments are addressed quickly and the prospects and customers receive the answers they need.”
Katherine Dobbs
Customer Experience Lead
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